Getting Started
    Getting Started with IronCAD 7.0
    3D Modeling Enhancements
    2D Drawing Enhancements
       Layer and Style Curve Modification
       Drawing Out-of-Sync Update Notification
       Bidirectional Modification of Transferred Dimension
       Draft/Precise Based Drawing Views
       2D Drawing Catalogs
       2D Drawing Curves/Text Grouping (Symbol Creation)
       2D Drawing Curve Fill/Hatch Tools
       Additional View Creation Tools
       Drawing View Tools
       Dimension Creation/Display Enhancements
       Centerline Creation Tool
       Text Box Property Referencing
       Lock Layer Tool (Dim Display Option)
       Alignment Tool for Dimensions/Item Bubbles
       BOM Table Interaction/UI Enhancements
       Hole Table Enhancements
       Section Line Display Options
       Surface Finish Placement Enhancements
       Datum Target/Feature Display Options
       Import Style/Layers for IronCAD Drawings
       Export As Exploded Views (DXF/DWG)
       Drawing/Scene Save As Option
       Default Elements/Styles&Layers Updates
       Additional Hatch Types
    General Enhancements