IronCAD 9.0 New Features
    Getting Started with IronCAD 9.0
    3D Modeling Enhancements
       Assembly Feature Tags
       Design Variations
       Smart Assembly
       Sizebox Stretch Command
       Blend, Shell, Chamfer, and Draft Parameters
       Shell Inside, Outside, and Both Directions
       Boolean Toolbar and New Types
       Assembly Based Lights (Spot and Point)
       Local Coordinate System Creation
       Parameter Table Preview/Apply
       2D Sketch Improvements
          3-Point Parallelogram
          Elliptical Arc
          Fillet Support for Two Line Segment Creation
          Polyline/arc Creation Toggle
          Snap Behavior Update
          Projection Support for 2D/3D Curves
          Input Coordinates Updates
          Horizontal/Vertical Constraint Update
          Right-Click Option Update
       3D Curve Enhancements
       Surface Enhancements
       Sheet Metal Enhancements
    2D Drawing Enhancements
    General Enhancements