IronCAD 9.0 New Features
    Getting Started with IronCAD 9.0
    3D Modeling Enhancements
    2D Drawing Enhancements
       Right-Click Quick Property Access Styles and Layers
       Automatic Dimension of View or Selected View Area
       Automatic Center Mark/Line Creation
       Chain Dimension Command
       Snap Selection Filter for Annotating Views
       Styles and Layers Property Eye-Dropper
       Snap Dimension Alignment During Creation
       Multiple Dimension Drag Support
       Associate to View Option for View Positioning
       Drag of Dimensions Text Pixel Buffer Setting
       Section Line Handles for Placement Control
       Section Line Handle Snap to Alternate View
       Snap to Grid for Item Bubble and Text with Leader
       Text Box Color Mask Option
       Dimensions Support for Single Extension/Dimension Line
       Dimension to Hidden Silhouette Curves in Section Views
       Auxiliary Section Line Angle Option
       Transferred Cosmetic Thread Updates
       Weld Symbol Spacing Updated
       Cosmetic Thread Open Quadrant Option
       Copy & Paste of View Updates
    General Enhancements