What's New in 2015

IronCAD is pleased to announce the latest release of the industries fastest and easiest to use 3D design solutions IRONCAD, INOVATE, IRONCAD DRAFT, IRONCAD COMPOSE, and our Native Translator. 

Simplifying the user experience is a key objective for the IronCAD development team and the 2015 release delivered upon this by extending its Configuration Based Design (CBD) capabilities such as its unique catalog interface. CBD is one of the main strengths of IronCAD's applications by allowing users the ability to create designs and storing them in a convenient catalog using drag & drop. Access existing designs for reuse quickly, and drop them into new designs precisely or position quickly with the TriBall. Extend your capabilities by adding intelligence on your designs for precise positioning, orientation, sizing, and the new capability to add constraints automatically. In addition, extend this even more to access business processes like pricing, procurement, and other information for more intelligent design considerations.

In addition, to the design aspects of 2015, IronCAD's commitment to sharing design content throughout the supply chain and the extended global team has fueled the creation of more powerful collaboration tools. Capabilities such as SmartMarkup and the new COMPOSE iOS app allows users to import, export, view and collaborate with extended teams to speed up the development process. The IronCAD DCS allows users to share, in a secure way, design data on applications with different levels of access and usability. The ability to automatically connect to the source product data allows IronCAD DCS designers to quickly see optimized design configurations and preview downstream change requests. Designers can then accept, reject or further optimize design changes directly to speed product designs into production.

Some of these key improvements are listed below. Click on Learn More to see the full list with videos.


Improving The User Experience

  • Performance and Memory Improvements: Major improvements have been made in the internal management of the IronCAD data to improve performance on open and save of large data sets. On average, you can gain 15-20% in these areas especially dealing with assemblies that may contain many features contained in the parts.
  • Intelligent Handle Drag Behavior Improvement (Move and Size Support): Extending the capabilities added in 2014, users can select multiple features and pull on handles to modify both size and position of multiple objects at once. On any selected feature, use the SizeBox/Profile handle toggle icon to change the behavior from adjusting size to moving the feature. This capability provides a convenient method to alter multiple features without the need for applying parametric relations that are typically time consuming and combersome to work with.
  • Quick Access to TriBall from Catalog Dropped Objects: Often you will drag & drop an object from the catalogs to begin editing or positioning the dropped object to a desired orientation or location. Users can now independently set catalog items to enable the TriBall to be active on drop from the catalog. This allow users more control to drop and directly orient/position objects without the need to remember shortcuts or to mouse around to locate positioning commands.

Enhancing The Design Capabilities

  • Catalog Grouping: Catalogs are a key aspect of IronCAD's design process by allowing you to store assemblies, parts, features, animations, and just about everything that can be easily dragged & dropped at any time to reuse to the object. People that make use of the catalogs find that these continue to grow with each object you add which brings on the need for tools such as search in the catalog. Expanding on these, we have introduced the ability to create a catalog group which is a single level container that you can add any number of object to to reduce the number of object at the top level of your catalog. Not only does this provide a convenient method for storage, it even allows a selection dialog on drop from the catalog to select the desired object. Gone are the times when you need to build parametrics, simply drop multiple versions to the object into a group and select the desired object on drop!
  • Structural Steel Weldment Creation: Machine design inevitably involves the use of structural steel members for items such as frames for tables, building structures, crane supports, etc. This process involves building a profiles that can consist of 2D and 3D curves that layout the path of the members to trace followed by end conditions for members that are connected or intersected. The Structural Steel process is a specialty application where the framework for this capability has been added for 2015. You can use these tools to build a single part consisting of many different members and sizes that can be trimmed to define the appropriate end conditions. In addition, these parts will automatically be called out in the Bill of Materials with the name and length of each member to give accurate cut lists for manufacturing.
  • Smart Assembly Support for Applying Constraints: In addition to orientation, position, sizing and company specific information being accessible on SmartAssembly components, you can now define constraint conditions for attachment points. Imagine you are building a robot arm of multiple components. These component need to position and orient on drop but you would like them to also behave correctly when other component are moved as part of the mechanism. In 2015, you can add this constraint intelligence on the attachment points to achieve the desired behavior saving time manually creating these associations.

Verification Of Your Designs

  • Multiphysics for IronCAD (MP for IronCAD): IronCAD is pleased to exclusively announce the completely integrated Multiphysics solution for IronCAD. "Multiphysics for IronCAD" (MPIC) is the newest generation of integrated CAD/FEA for general entry level to advanced design simulations.

Communicating The Design

  • 3D Annotation (Basic PMI): New for 2015 is the 3D Annotation framework that is the basis for PMI (Product Manufacturing Information). Levering the annotation capabilities of CAXA DRAFT, users will now have the ability to create 3D annotation such as Linear, Angular, and Radial/Diameter Dimensions, Notes, Geometric Tolerances, Surface Finish, Weld and Datum annotations directly in 3D on desired plane or viewing orientations. All annotations created can be transferred to the CAXA DRAFT's 2D environment for improved speed in annotation when desired.
  • Keyshot for IronCAD (KeyShot 5 Support): 2015 will now support the latest release of Keyshot version 5 giving users access to the latest improvements and capabilities. Simply install IronCAD DCS 2015 product and the KeyShot 5 product, and you will be ready to take advantage of the KeyShot for IronCAD! Contact your local IronCAD representative to talk about purchasing options. Note: You must have a purchased version of IRONCAD, INOVATE or IRONCAD DRAFT in order to purchase the KeyShot for IronCAD integration.
  • Keyshot for IronCAD - Animation, KeyShot VR, and PRO Support: IronCAD know offers the ability to purchase additional options in the KeyShot for IronCAD integration. New options include Animation, VR, and PRO to allow more capabilities to create stunning visuals to communicate your IronCAD designs. Contact your local IronCAD representative to talk about purchasing options.

Collaborating Designs

  • SmartMarkup: IronCAD's commitment to sharing design content throughout the supply chain and the extended global team has fueled the creation of more powerful collaboration tools. Capabilities such as SmartMarkup allows users to collaborate with extended teams to speed up the development process. Designers and other collaborators can move beyond the traditional text based markups to apply meaningful change requests on data that is clearly communicated. Typically, basic markups are not clear and involve back and forth communication to make it clear. Using SmartMarkup, the changes are performed on the model so that everyone can clearly understand the desired change. Designers can then accept, reject or further optimize design changes directly on the real design models to speed product designs into production. Markups can be saved so that they can even be stored in data management systems for tracking RFQ's.
  • IRONCAD COMPOSE iOS: New IRONCAD COMPOSE iOS application allowing users to view and collaborate designs with your extended teams. Share files and catalogs with the iOS version of COMPOSE and configure your designs on your tablet directly with your customers. Share these new designs directly with the design team to speed up the development process. Available in the App Store later this year.

To view all the new features in the latest release, visit: IronCAD DCS 2015 New Features or click learn more below.