What's New in 2014

IronCAD is pleased to announce the latest release of the industries fastest and easiest to use 3D design solutions IRONCAD, INOVATE, IRONCAD DRAFT, IRONCAD COMPOSE, and our Native Translator. Many customer driven feature enhancements have been implemented in this latest version including these key items:


Delivering Productivity

  • Intelligent Editing of Multiple Part Features: It's common in design to make changes where multiple features that are on the same part or across different parts must adjust by the same amount. With the new capabilities added, users can simply select all the features to be changed and pull a single handle to perform the modification, reducing the need to build complex parametric relations.
  • Simple Replication of Parts/Assemblies: Patterns and related features (i.e. links) are used throughout the design to create multiple features in various locations. Typically other parts will be generated to align to these feature locations. In the 2014 IronCAD DCS release, users will be presented with on drop options to replicate the parts/assemblies along these feature locations making it simple to rapidly place these objects in the proper location.
  • Behavior Driven Activation of Features: Often users wish to define specific ways in which an object is modified when first applied as a feature or new object in a design. Now users can set specific handles on drop to be active allowing users the ability to directly input driving values. This reduces the time involved to edit features and provides a simpler way to set the desired default editing behaviors on objects.
  • Automatic Constraint Connections on Drop: In some designs, it is required to define the way in which objects move in relation to other objects. New intelligent options have been added to automatically define these relationships at the time an object is dropped onto an existing object. A simple example would be an automatic coaxial constraint being applied to a fastener dropped into an existing hole location.
  • Intelligent Sizing Handles: When sizing geometry, users may find it difficult to precisely modify the geometry to locations on other objects (such locations may be hard to reach by cursor location in the 3D environment) or they may not understand the rules that define how an object can resize to these locations. New behaviors have been added to allow intelligence to be defined on handles so that they can be quickly resized to these exact locations in other objects by a simple right-click command. Users can simply hit any point near the desired location and they are confident that geometry is precisely sized correctly.
  • Re-engineer with Ease from Existing Geometry Data Including Point Cloud Data: Facet based objects and scanned point cloud data is becoming a common utility in the re-engineering process. IronCAD Solutions support the import of these often extremely large data sets in an optimized working environment while providing quick creation tools to recreate geometry referring to this data.

Enhanced Collaboration and Sharing

  • Fast, Easy, Accurate Visuals with KeyShot: Users can now quickly transfer and update designs directly into Keyshot to use their award winning rendering capabilities to quickly produce realistic visuals for communication in bidding, final presentation, and technical documentation of products.
  • Online Collaboration and Sharing with GrabCAD: The IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite today provides real collaboration by enabling users to communicate design data seamlessly throughout their design process within their organization. The GrabCAD Integration is a natural extension for our solutions that offers customers the ability to directly share files and projects within their online design groups and with the GrabCAD community at a simple touch of a button.
  • Direct Access to Components on TraceParts: Users typically require standard or purchased parts to be used in their designs. With the TraceParts integration, customers have access to hundreds of supplier catalogs and over 100 million CAD models and product datasheets suitable for the design, purchasing, manufacturing and maintenance processes.
  • Live Design Modifications between Rhino and IRONCAD: IronCAD has had a long standing connection with Rhino to provide the ability to make use of Rhinos strong surfacing capabilities. User can edit design features from IRONCAD in Rhino that may require more complex surface alterations. These edits will be automatically update in IRONCAD while maintaining existing relations to these modified features. This capability has been extended to support the latest versions of both IRONCAD and Rhino giving user the most recent advances to create and edit their designs.
  • Enhanced Process Between Design and Collaboration: IRONCAD COMPOSE is a free product that allows users to deliver their standard components in a lightweight and IP protected way that can be easily dragged and dropped together to automatically configure products. Often it may be necessary to make additional design changes to these configurations to meet customers' requirements. Now users can load designs originally created by customers in COMPOSE into IRONCAD to automatically convert these to editable precise design geometry. This allows users the ability to make the desired design modifications easily on the customer configured files and quickly send the results back to the customer for validation.

To view all the new features in the latest release, visit: IronCAD DCS 2014 New Features or click learn more below.