GD&t Feature Control Frame



To add a feature control frame to a drawing:

  1. Select the Feature Control Frame tool on the Annotation toolbar, from the Annotation Fluent Ribbon Bar, or, from the Create-Annotations menu, select GD&T Symbol and then Feature Control Frame.  

  2. Select the desired attachment point on the geometry for the feature control frame.

    Move the cursor over the geometry, displaying its green SmartSnap highlights.  When the desired line, circumference, or point is highlighted, click to select.

  3. Place the feature control frame.

    Move the cursor to the desired location for display of the control frame and then click to place it.  The Feature Control Frame dialog box appears.

  4. Enter the desired values in the dialog box.

    The dialog box allows you to specify symbols and specifiers that logically fit within the resulting GD&T feature control  frame.  It allows you to add additional symbols, such as a dimension line with two point values to indicate the "zone" associated with the GD&T information, or for adding a circle to the knee of the leader line to designate the command, "All-Around."




  5. Use the Property Page dialog of the GD&T Properties to define the appearance of the feature control frame for elements like Line Type, Line Ends, Leader Line, Font, Color, Styles, and layers.

  6. When the GD&T properties have been defined, select OK to close the dialog and to display the feature control frame on the view.