Zebra Stripe Visualization



Zebra stripes allow you to see small changes in a surface that may be hard to see with a standard display. Zebra stripes simulate the reflection of long strips of light on a very shiny surface. With zebra stripes, you can easily see wrinkles or defects in a surface, and you can verify that two adjacent faces are in contact, are tangent, or have continuous curvature.

To Enable Zebra Stripes:

  1. Select Zebra Stripe command on the Tools Fluent Ribbon Bar.

  2. Select the faces in which you would like to add the Zebra Stripe display.

  3. Adjust the slider to adjust the width of the zebra stripe.

  4. Right-click in the Property Browser Control Box to Remove selections.

  5. Click Ok when finished viewing the Zebra Stripe display.


  • Tangency - Zebra stripes match at the boundary, but there is an abrupt change in direction.

  • Curvature Continuous - Zebra stripes continue smoothly across the boundary. Curvature continuity is an option when creating face blend fillets.

ZebraTangent.gif  ZebraContinuous.gif

Tangent                                                                        Curvature Continuous