2013 Product Update 1
Release Notes

This document contains release information about the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2013 Product Update #1 including installation notes and any other key information for running/installing.

The IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite installs the following products: IRONCAD, INOVATE, IRONCAD DRAFT, IRONCAD COMPOSE, and the Native Translators. Product Updates are available for the Product Suite (IRONCAD, INOVATE, IRONCAD DRAFT, and IRONCAD COMPOSE), Translator Suite, and the Standalone IRONCAD COMPOSE.

The information in this release notes will contain general information and users should download and install the Product Update required for their licensed products.

Installation Instructions for the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2013 Product Update #1
Windows XP\Vista\7 for 32\64-bit OS

The following are installation instructions for the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2013 Product Update #1. Please read these instructions prior to installing.

**** WARNING ****
IronCAD DCS 2013 Product Update #1 (PU1) saved files can not be opened with any earlier versions of IRONCAD/INOVATE/IRONCAD DRAFT/IRONCAD COMPOSE.
Previous version files can be opened and saved in this version .
Once saved in 2013 PU1, files can no longer open in the earlier versions.

In order to upgrade to Product Update #1 for 2013, it is required to have the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2013 installed. Follow the instructions below to complete the upgrade:

  1. After downloading the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2013 Product Update #1 install package, double-click the EXE to begin the upgrade of the current installation.
  2. When Prompted, Install Product Update #1 and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Run IRONCAD/INOVATE/IRONCAD DRAFT 2013 Product Update #1.

If you have the Translator Product, install Product Update #1 for 2013 first, then install the Translator pack.

Additional Notes:

  • These updates can be uninstalled in the Program and Features section of Windows.
  • Uninstall any Beta version of 2013 Product Update #1 prior to installing the official release version.


IRONCAD DRAFT is built on the combination of IRONCAD 3D and CAXA 2D technologies (CAXA DRAFT).

IRONCAD API Development Support

Please note that with our 2013 release, our development environment is Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. We recommend that you plan to use Visual Studio 2010 for any Add-in or Localization work with our 2013 release products.

Running IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite on Windows XP

IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite Products will continue to run and support Windows XP based on the Microsoft End of Support Status. After April 2014, IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite Products will no longer be supported on Windows XP.

New Features and Quality Issues Addressed for 2013 Product Update #1

3D Scene

  • Ellipsoid Shape Both a positive and negative Ellipsoid shape has been added to the Shapes called that are based on Sizebox Handles to drive the ellipsoid 3 dimensional sizes.
  • Sheet Metal Unfold operation support partial cut features (features that do not cut through the entire sheet metal part). For Example: Engraved text. Note: Emboss tool is not supported yet.

2D Drawing (ICD)

  • Fixed where Hidden Cosmetic Thread Lines are shown in Section Views.
  • Hole Callout Tool (Similar to DRAFT tool implemented in 2013) in ICD.
  • Visible Thread Lines are treated by the Hidden Thread Line setting.
  • Reduce ICD file size when Section Views are Present.
  • Shaded Views in Quick Mode support Textures.
  • Text annotations with a Dot as a Line End it will no longer convert to an arrow during export to DWG/DXF.
  • Fixed where the Radius Arrow went missing when inside Radius Dimension Value is smaller than the Arrow Length. Then the arrow will not be shown.
  • Being able to control visibility of parts using a Scene Browser for selected view
  • Fixed not being able select Smooth Edges when Edit View Curves for precise views.
  • Added Control Edge settings for individual Parts in views, Edit View Curves (Styles and Layers) Per Part Hidden Edge Display.
  • Fixed where Reference Hatch was often very misplaced or not visible at all.
  • Fixed where you could not hide drill dia for threaded holes in Hole Table - Add options in Hole Table Properties' Column page to show/not show: Pitch, Drill radius/dia. 
  • Ability to Adjust Setting for Line Projection Issue (z-buffering Issue) play.
  • 2nd Drag from 2D Catalog Fails that contains OLE Objects.
  • Create BOM, No Configuration selected, rename to Include Suppressed Objects. The value "Default" should be used as the default setting.
  • Being able to rotate the model in the Preview window when creating a General View.
  • DWG/DXF export options - Export Based on View Scale now shown in the IC API
  • Ability to Snap Datum Features to Reference Lines and Centerlines

Quality Issues Addressed

  • 29672 - Reference Hatch is being created offset from the part faces selected
  • 33705 - "Rib's location and "Emboss"' are changed
  • 35637 - Draft view configuration enhancements
  • 36843 - Can not create part's standard view.
  • 37066 - The profile can not be seen after editing Thread feature.
  • 37487 - The "move/rotate/Scale" curves preview is wrong once multiple Copies is checked
  • 37523 - 3D Curve Line not being created where the TriBall points are placed. 
  • 38031 - Create project view, out of memory
  • 38059 - Can't enter specified hotkeys in the Scene Browser part renaming field
  • 39434 - Incorrect results when dragging an arc
  • 39439 - Parallel to Edge end results are wrong.
  • 39595 - Asterisk (start) showing on bend callouts even with the 'down from 180 degree'' option off.
  • 40077 - White lines on black background should print black on paper, like ACAD
  • 40256 - Bad geometry on sheet metal part
  • 40507 - Property/Command Browser fields do not allow right-click for Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete
  • 41006 - Part Regeneration missing in this case
  • 41594 - Colors lost on imported Sketchup components
  • 41798 - Spline import problem with DXF and EXB
  • 41854 - Dimension doesn't update when Broken View is changed.
  • 42013 - Dimensions and Item Bubbles not following moved views
  • 42069 - Can't right-click and drag a point to copy it.
  • 42164 - Title Block doesn't update when BOM is not present
  • 42252 - Save as Part/Assembly stops working with DDM
  • 42297 - Prompt to Save As the Excel file when updating the Parameter table
  • 42330 - Can't get bend lines to display in CAXA Draft.
  • 42554 - Bend relief geometry doesn't match what is entered.
  • 42592 - ICAPI: App Event OnDocumentCreated() is not called for new drawings
  • 42600 - Can't import these STEP files as solids and Crash
  • 42603 - Crash when changing backgrounds
  • 42606 - Crash when using the Forming Tool 
  • 42607 - Part names incorrect when importing these SolidWorks .sldasm files
  • 42610 - Unfolded part has a raised section that shouldn't be there.
  • 42614 - Direct Input Field Disappears when Selecting Multiple Handles
  • 42658 - Part names are not the same in imported SolidWorks file
  • 42671 - Can't get a bend radius to this small size.
  • 42674 - Can't use "Send to Back" to get to the view under this rectangle.
  • 42691 - Sheet Metal Set Bend Angle Not working with Overlapped geometry
  • 42693 - BOM Item Bubbles (Part No.) lose their circle when column name changes.
  • 42694 - Support for Embossed or Etched Text in Sheet Metal Unfold
  • 42703 - Slow performance after importing this CATIA file.
  • 42704 - Cam/Follower Animation difference from 2011 to 2013.
  • 42705 - No drawing view bend lines for this part.
  • 42713 - Error using the Break Line
  • 42717 - 2nd Drag from 2D Catalog Fails
  • 42718 - Some edges won't select when in "Edit View Curves"
  • 42720 - Wrong line information in perspective view due to z-buffer.
  • 42722 - Cosmetic - Boolean Subtraction - Box says Bodies for Union when it should say Bodies for Subtraction
  • 42723 - Boolean Subtraction Browser Interaction behavior issue with one selected
  • 42725 - Missing Units, can't drag handles
  •  42740 - Scene Browser part rename field is offset.
  • 42742 - 2D Curve Rotate Copy failing
  • 42746 - Not able to move callout using arrow head when in Dual mode
  • 42747 - Cosmetic thread Hide command is enabled but does not work for multi-select
  • 42764 - Can't expand a suppressed Assembly to be able to unsuppress specific parts
  • 42774 - Can't export an assembly with a 2D Curve in it to STEP
  • 42801 - Can't open IronCAD .ics files in Compose, exception errors
  • 42802 - Trouble creating Linked parts
  • 42828 - Convert to Solid crashes when Parasolid is set as the default kernel
  • 42830 - Export to crashes app
  • 42831 - Quick Views are completely blacked out.
  • 42832 - General View rotate option is hard to control.
  • 42834 - Trouble snapping points with a Coincident constraint.
  •  42839 - Crash when suppressing these shapes
  • 42845 - Do not display menu
  • 42849 - Drag and move arc issue
  • 42850 - Cannot insert Transformers Bumblebee file into new scene
  • 42862 - Open 2013 file ,popup loading animation date warning
  • 42863 - About dialog support info is hardcoded
  • 42868 - After using IronCAD a while, performance lags
  • 42870 - The position of Rib and Emboss switches.
  • 42878 - Part gets deselected when adding a constraint
  • 42880 - ICD: Edit text, crash
  • 42881 - Character parsing issue
  • 42893 - The warning dialog will continuously pop up even clicking OK button when doing Sew function.
  • 42905 - Create section, but not display cosmetic thread
  • 2910 - The thread was interrupted
  • 42913 - Cancel to command is invalid
  • 42914 - The Property of Cosmetic Thread contains same items
  • 42916 - View property, crash
  • 42920 - Font problems.
  • 42923 - When switching between section view and aligned section view ,crash
  • 42925 - Add dimension or hole callout and zoom view ,the screen update low
  •  42926 - Inconsistent data
  • 42928 - Delete some hole dimension or callout, zoom view, some empty border display
  • 42932 - Fail to create section geometry
  • 42937 - The Default is not used as the default setting
  • 42939 - Deselect all, .... Application locks
  • 42940 - Cut parts issue: open icd file and hide some part in section view, incorrect result
  • 42942 - View scale issue
  • 42946 - Cannot snap exist curve to create custom detail and crop view
  • 42949 - Customize UI issue: some text is covered
  • 42952 - Hide parts, crash
  • 42953 - Delete sheet, crash
  • 42957 - CATIA exported file loses it's mirroring data, parts intersect slightly
  • 42960 - Should not update dependent view
  • 42962 - Edit hatch, but the anchor point is wrong
  • 42963 - Failed to finish command. Application Locked.
  • 42969 - Can not hide sheet metal
  • 42971 - Create standard view, but the result is wrong