IronCAD 2018 Product Update 1 Service Pack 1 Released

Jun 20, 2018 | , , , ,

IronCAD officially announced its latest service pack release devoted to addressing key quality reports that improve the overall experience of our products. Below you will find the link to download the service pack and a list of the latest improvements included in this update.

Access the IronCAD 2018 Product Update #1 Service Pack #1

If you don’t have IronCAD installed, download our free trial version which contains all the latest updates.

Quality Issues Addressed for Product Update #1 Service Pack #1

Support ID QA ID Description
106668 53864 Polish letter overlap in drawing files
109667 61889 #1319:Center line position error
109954 62252 Text box with an “Associate to View” Shifts on Update
110214 62994 Hole Callout missing data.
110264 63158 Bulk Creation Tool Bug with multiple level linked files
110270 63160 Crash with specific file with mismatched data
110294 63205 Regression – BOM incorrect when selecting a view with one part projected.
110307 63232 Sketch doesn’t remain rotated when saving, closing IronCAD, then re-opening the Scene.
110309 63234 Too many parts in the BOM, not pulling parts from the selected View.
110322 63289 Radial Pattern issue that creates 1 less than desired.
110323 63339 Regression – IronCAD slow to startup in 2018PU1 with all= these Catalogs loading from the network.
110326 63308 Spin Wizard created shape missing handles
110354 63419 Extrude Handle Behavior Regression
110356 63420 Can’t assemble all the contents of this Scene without pa= rts moving.
110356 63420 Parts move on Assemble
110389 63493 Drawing Update Error hole table
63120 Bulk Drawing Creation – No Views on the first sheet for = this sheet metal Scene.
63121 IAE when running Bulk Drawing Creation on all the parts
63168 Cannot add Closed Corner to four corners in one shot any more, regression from 2017.
63169 Face handle error on sheet metal parts
61824 Open file, Internal application error.
63526 GDPR Compliance: Add Privacy Statement to trial activati= on dialog
63137 Create fillet surface, the feature is broken, edit the feature, pop up IAE.
62966 Failed to import spline curve
62815 The fast input is the radius value,  rather than diameter value
63298 Delete animation in the motion editor, crash but there is no dmp file.
62932 Create spin feature, do not display preview immediately
63035 Regenerate part, the part was destroyed
63377 GDI continues to increase without falling
63198 Change style of the software, the text can’t display
63253 Link part by triball, add section tool on the part, fail
62956 The same hints should not be popped many times
62955 Select the outline, but do not create extrude feature
63172 Cannot generate custom hole