IronCAD’s 20th Anniversary Edition Unveils Newest Version of Multiphysics

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Multiphysics for IronCAD 2019 brings new technologies, enhancements and updates to FEA simulations


(Atlanta, GA) January 24, 2019 – IronCAD, the 3D CAD platform of choice among metal fabricators and custom machinery manufacturers, formally announces the much-awaited release of Multiphysics for IronCAD (MPIC) 2019, the newest version of our integrated FEA simulation tool.


With the advent of our newest features and updates, built to quicken design cycles, simplify analysis setup, and reduce analysis times, IronCAD has improved and refined MPIC, further increasing the ease of use and functionality of our widely touted FEA simulation software.


New Additions

In MPIC 2019, we have added several key technologies designed specifically for CAD assembly analysis. The new rigid body kinematic (RBK) capability now dramatically speeds up the analysis by mixing rigid body and finite element technologies. Critical parts needing accurate analysis continue to be analyzed using Sefeatm multi-physics while non-crucial parts or connecting mechanism are treated as rigid bodies to transmit the constraints, loads, or motion needed for an integrated assembly analysis. AMPS Technologies company Business Director, Chuck Paulsen, cites: “It is a first in CAE application to easily and seamlessly utilize both rigid and flex body formulations to analyze CAD assemblies quickly and accurately from early concept to final stage design.”


Simplified analysis with the use of RBK


Updated Features

In addition, new results review features (comprised of new contour coloring controls and more extensive result displays), enhanced stabilization processes and improved contact pressure predictions allow users more accurate and realistic design analysis earlier in the digital prototyping cycle, and with this array of enhanced assembly analysis functionalities, designers and users can enjoy quicker, more granular element-evaluation from the onset of their designing process.


With a more refined user interface, an expandable/customizable material database consisting of more than 500 different types of material data, and enhanced multithread controls taking advantage of the new generation of scalable CPU’s, we are  providing a new and improved program that is inarguably faster and more convenient for model creation, selection, and display control. IronCAD Digital Marketing Specialist Nadira Williams states, “As part of 3D CAD Design, FEA simulation should be quick, easy and precise. And with IronCAD’s 2019 MPIC, our users’ simulations are continuously proving that Multiphysics is leaps and bounds beyond other simulation software in its class.”


In short, our latest version of IronCAD Multiphysics provides the technical and functional prowess our engineers and users need to create stunning and, more importantly, accurate FEA simulations for all proficiency levels. To try MPIC now for free, visit and start your free online trial of IronCAD that includes MPIC.


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