5 Benefits Of SYNERGY Collaboration Platform

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Cloud computing is a rapidly growing solution for issues related to data storage and collaboration. Cloud collaboration is a method of collaboration where multiple individuals may access, review and edit a document over the cloud from any location typically on any device. 

IronCAD has recently launched the Synergy Platform. This advancement in the way we store and share data has led to a number of benefits that allow IronCAD users to connect and work collectively as a team – and efficiently and productively. Here are five benefits of cloud collaboration on the Synergy Platform.


Benefits of SYNERGY Cloud Collaboration Platform:


Improved team collaboration

When documents are stored in a shared place online, it becomes easier to find and access them. Employees no longer have to constantly email their team members just for an updated version of a file. Moreover, when team members have access to the correct file versions, it makes discussions smoother, ensures everyone is on the same page (quite literally), and remarkably improves team collaboration. Sharing all the project details and files with the entire team also improves employee engagement since all team members have an equal opportunity to offer their input. Being in the cloud also means access is globally available at any time from anywhere giving users better ways to work and communicate especially as a result of the global pandemic change in how business and office work environments have changed. Teams can easily use the Synergy Platform and collaborate seamlessly in the cloud or directly from within IRONCAD through its IRONCAD Client integration. 


Faster access to large files

Most email servers cannot handle documents that are bigger than 20-25 MB. To send large files to team members, you would either share them offline through USBs and external hard disks or upload the files on a cloud storage provider. Sharing files offline isn’t just time-consuming, but it is also an impossible option for teams working remotely. Cloud storage and collaboration on the Synergy platform allow teams to share large files with no delay or distribution dilemmas quickly. Once you upload a file online, you can share the same shared link with all team members at once.


Asynchronous Collaboration & Communication

The importance of asynchronous collaboration for companies can’t be understated. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed a change in the way organizations work, communicate, and collaborate and many companies were forced to operate remotely for the first time. While such a shift was inevitable, companies need to evolve the way they communicate and collaborate. Collaborating asynchronously doesn’t mean never having to meet together, but rather it simply means that we don’t all have to work in the same place at the same time in order to work together. 

With the Synergy platform, teams can work on projects at any time without being in the same room or even the same country. By adopting and embracing an asynchronous method of collaboration, companies see increased productivity and newfound synergy between how seamless it is to collaborate and communicate with their internal teams and with external clients using the Synergy Platform. Furthermore, each collaborator can access, use, or modify the data at their own time and the latest update and upload data are available for everyone. Any confusion over which version is the latest is eliminated with cloud collaboration.

With reduced reliance on synchronous communication and messaging to get work done, asynchronous collaboration enables an ideal employee experience regardless of location and time zone.


Setting custom permission levels

You don’t always want to share company data in the same way. A collaboration tool should allow you to set custom permission levels and you should be able to decide who can view and edit the documents. For instance, you might want to share essential items with specific users, with the Synergy Platform you can manage who can access and release files eliminating unwanted changes by other groups of users. Viewable data should be allowed to share easily over the cloud with all collaborators whereas design data may need more security to protect intellectual property. 


Centralized file storage

One of the main features that your cloud collaboration tool should have is the ability to build an online repository where you can save all the work-related data. It can serve as the enterprise storage solution for your organization, allowing employees to find and access essential data in a secure manner. In addition, cloud-based collaboration systems reduce the IT management from individual companies since this is managed by the hosting company. 


To effectively incorporate cloud collaboration in your organization, you need the right tool with all the required collaboration features and one that integrates easily with your existing applications and IT infrastructure. IronCAD Synergy is that platform that creates synergy within your organization.