CAD Design of Corrugated Beds for COVID-19 Patients

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CAD Design of Corrugated Beds for COVID-19 Patients

Events of the past few months have been disruptive for all manufacturers and fabricators. But during this global health crisis, there have been plenty of stories recently about hobbyists and Manufacturers everywhere, of all sizes and representing every industry sector, including those within the packaging industries setting aside their existing workload in favor of contributing their time, resources, knowledge, energy, and leadership to alleviating the suffering.CAD Design of Corrugated Beds for COVID-19 Patients

For Moraya Packaging, they have put forward their efforts in contributing to the fight against COVID 19 by building beds made out of Corrugated boards for COVID-19 patients that are quick and easy to transport.

Founded in 2011, Moraya Packaging is a leader in Manufacturing and Supplying a comprehensive assortment of Corrugated sheets, pallets, and boxes, laminated and ply Woden boxes and pallets, and many more packing solutions. CAD Design of Corrugated Beds for COVID-19 Patients

Not only have they used IronCAD for almost two years for their day to day CAD designs, but they also leveraged IronCAD to assist them in their efforts to create corrugated beds. Moraya Packaging knew that IronCAD has always proven to be the best in CAD Design for an effective packaging solution with its flexible and intuitive tools. Witness IronCAD’s capabilities in the design of corrugated beds for COVID-19 patients. 


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