COMPOSE Yourself: IRONCAD Updates Mobile CAD Viewer

Mar 24, 2016

The article excerpted here, “COMPOSE Yourself: IRONCAD Updates Mobile CAD Viewer” by Kyle Maxey, originally appeared in

IRONCAD recently announced the release of its updated mobile CAD viewer COMPOSE Mobile.

To say that mobile technology has taken the world by storm is an understatement. More and more tablets and smartphones are becoming the primary tool for doing business and communicating ideas. Regardless of whether you’re managing sales, reviewing documents or even doing design work, you’ve likely you’ve used a mobile device to help complete your work.

COMPOSE Mobile came as IRONCAD’s response to the constant changes in the technologies that we use for business. The app allows engineers and clients to communicate, collaborate and configure products on mobile devices.

“The latest version of IRONCAD COMPOSE Mobile extends all aspects of the usability of the product when communicating with customers and sales teams,” said Cary O’Connor, VP of marketing at IRONCAD.

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