Design News Review by Al Bredenberg

Feb 4, 2016

The article excerpted here, “Dynamic, Smart Modeling Amped Up for Metal Fabrication Design Software” by Al Bredenberg, originally appeared in Design News.

IronCAD LLC recently released the 2016 version of its 3D modeling solution targeted at designers in the metal fabrication and assembly sector, providing reportedly improved capabilities in sheetmetal design and including a new mechanical add-in. In an interview with Design News, Cary O’Connor, vice president for marketing, stressed that the new release follows the company’s longstanding development philosophy emphasizing simplicity and design flexibility.

O’Connor said one of IronCAD’s key differentiators is the ability for the designer to switch between a history-based and a flexible design modality. “The user should be able to make changes at any stage of the design process,” he said. “Any change should be easy to do, without worrying about how the model was constructed.”

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