A Better Process for Designing a Welding Machine

Aug 2, 2017 | , , ,
Weil Welding Machine

Weil Engineering/Weil Technology in Mullheim, Germany, needed to design a welding machine that could produce larger welded tubes.

Using IronCAD, Weil’s conceptual designers were able to create visual 3D models of the new machine tube guiding system much more quickly than the previous method of basic sketching.

The excellent three-dimensional views of the Tubestar created with IronCAD enabled Weil’s engineers to discuss relevant details with mechanics who were involved in assembling the welding machines but who were unpracticed in reading 2D constructional sketches. Thus, the know-how of these experienced people could also be incorporated into the design process.

Weil engineers appreciated the following IronCAD features the most when elaborating their new welding machine:

  • Complex units can be put together without constraints with the aid of the most intuitive tool called the TriBall.
  • With the aid of IronCAD, the productivity was increased. The internal and external communication was clearly improved and the time for manufacturing the welding machine was reduced enormously.
  • The visual representation provided by IronCAD enabled discussions on the design and functioning of the welding machine with Weil’s end-user customer, which ensured changes in design to be considered at each stage of development.

“IronCAD’s innovative design approach allows me design prototype assemblies in the context of a single file without having to deal with cumbersome single part files which is standard in tradition design systems,” said Mr. Schappacher of Weil. “This architecture allows me to design in the context of the assembly which allows for less errors and better designed components. IronCAD’s freedom and ease-of-us allows me to make changes and build components with unprecedented speeds and flexibility.”