Digital Engineering’s Editors Pick: IronCAD Mechanical for Productivity Enhancements for Mechanical Design

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IronCAD Mechanical 2021 - Export Unfolded Part

A version of this IronCAD Mechanical 2021 article was first published on Digital Engineering, by the DE Editors.

IronCAD Mechanical 2021 is an add-on productivity module in the IronCAD Productivity Suite.

IronCAD LLC releases IronCAD Mechanical 2021, an add-on productivity module in the IronCAD Productivity Suite. The company says many changes in this update were the result of customer requests to add new capabilities to existing features.

New features include improved import/export. Export Unfolded Part has new settings options, including thickness and material settings. Face to DXF offers more options for settings, and adds the use of right-click selection of parallel or coplanar faces. New is the ability to export DWG drawings for each record in a table.

View Manager new features include simplification of the ability to set an export image size. The Steels tool adds an option for the replacement of Profiles equal to the one being modified.



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