Push-and-Pull Dynamic Parametric CAD Design

Mar 16, 2018 | , , , ,
Parametric CAD Design Using Push and Pull Handles

Struggling with building parametric assemblies in CAD software and having to constantly work in an Excel-like environment to drive the design? Rethink the approach using IronCAD and push-and-pull handles that can dynamically drive an assembly parametrically.

IronCAD is designed to be more interactive and to be more intuitive than other 3D CAD systems and this extends to the complex world of parametric designs.

Parametrics offers the ability to define rules for a design so that when a model is changed, it will update to the new set of variables that are applied. It sounds complex and typically it has been since it has been exclusively under a CAD designers control or made available with specific value-driven fields in a configurator traditionally found on a company website. IronCAD takes this complex process and breaks it down to a minimum set of equations and offers push and pull handles that can ultimately drive the design in a way that suits a user’s needs.

Watch our video below to see how we set up and run a vent model in IronCAD to get a sense of our new way for approaching parametrics.

In this video, we will show:

  • An existing customer’s design being driven with push-and-pull handles.
  • How to recreate the design in IronCAD by adding parameters to drive the components.
  • How to mate and align components in IronCAD.
  • How to add all the components in a single scene environment without creating separate part and assembly files.
  • How to add handles to a design to drive the created parameters.


Get started in building your own parametric designs by downloading IronCAD’s free trial version below! Contact Us for guided assistance or to find a certified reseller in your area.