Factory Layout Using IronCAD Catalogs

Sep 26, 2017 | , , ,
IronCAD Factory Layout

IronCAD’s eContent, coupled with its catalog-building capabilities, makes it a powerful design platform for factory layout.

Engineers working on factory layouts can expedite and enhance their design process by using pre-built libraries of 3D Smart eContent parts stored in catalogs, which make it easy to create, store, and reuse imported or native eContent assemblies.

IronCAD catalog parts feature Smart eBehavior, which adds intelligence for specific applications. Drag and drop readymade designs onto assemblies and they will attach automatically to other parts using IRONCAD’s Smart eBehavior.

Use IRONCAD’s catalog tools to quickly modify saved parts and assemblies, making it easy to finetune your real-world production system.

To learn more about IronCAD’s advantages for factory layout — and to see Smart eContent and catalogs in action — watch the video “IronCAD for Factory Layout Using Catalogs.”