IronCAD Students: The Importance of Learning CAD in the Classroom

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Exceptional writers have a strong inner monologue. Exceptional artists have an excellent eye for detail. Exceptional marketers know how to capture the imagination, but what’s the formula for an exceptional engineer? 

It often goes without saying, but modern engineering relies on Computer-aided design software or CAD software for almost every aspect of product design. CAD is important for engineers, as this is where ideas turn into reality in the form of blueprints and simulations. Possessing a thorough understanding of CAD software is essential both while attending universities and for post-graduate opportunities when the real-world engineering begins. It is where engineering students are being taught to explore the world of design in whatever products, machines, and structures they want to create.

Most of the time, learning CAD is taken for granted by students. Citing that it’s too difficult, with the complicated interface and the amount of time to learn it. Some assume it’s not their responsibility anyway, presuming that there are CAD operators to handle that kind of stuff. This is simply wrong.

Learning design concepts in school should not be limited by difficult CAD software and most engineers work with CAD software at work as part of the job. Once you are already an engineer and you are just learning the software at work, it will be too late. It doesn’t have to be a difficult subject. Like every single thing that is worth learning, having to understand CAD will all be worth it. The point is, engineering students need to learn CAD to improve productivity. Projects require visual presentations that only CAD can do, particularly in civil and mechanical engineering, and even in manufacturing.

Leveraging Free CAD Software For Students

IronCAD Student License 2 - IC BlogMore times than not, students have to rely on a free CAD trial or a CAD software demo in order to gain experience. Obviously, a free CAD trial is a great short term option, but its time to think long term. Today’s engineering students can even use a full-featured CAD program for free from companies that give out free software to students. 

And everyone likes the word “free,” right?

Being able to obtain engineering software for CAD during your education is vital, and being able to access it for free makes a significant difference. Students already incur enough costs pursuing their degrees, but having free access to essential 3D drafting software can mean the difference between a student mastering the skills they need or only scraping the surface and learning the basics.

Intuitive 3D CAD Software Built for Engineering Students

Supporting the advancement of future designers and engineers, IronCAD is committed to helping students learn 3D design and works to bring the power of its intuitive 3D modeling software to students worldwide and offers the IronCAD student license 100 percent free for students.

The IronCAD student license is not a simplified version, engineering students get everything you would in the fully paid version of the software but for use in their school work and projects.

Students are provided the full-featured CAD product that professional designers, engineers, machinist and fabricators use every day. The IronCAD student version also includes access to the free version of Multiphysics FEA capable of simulating your designs concepts, integrated 2D, and full import/export capabilities to share in other processes such as CAM. In addition, enjoy access to free CAD tutorials, webinars, and access to the IronCAD Community.

If you enjoy engineering, then utilizing the IronCAD Student version to your educational advantage is the first step to becoming exceptionally skilled. Also, if you’re already familiar with 3D CAD, then that’s a great head start. Taking that experience and ambition to the next level of learning is both logical and bold. 


Get started today with IronCAD’s free student version that is the leader in productivity used in institutions around the world.

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