IronCAD Unveils Product Update 1 for 2023, Revolutionizing Mechanical CAD Design for Industrial Equipment Machinery and Fabrication Markets

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(ATLANTA, Ga.) June 2nd, 2023IronCAD, the leading provider of cutting-edge MCAD software solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of IronCAD 2023 Product Update 1. Packed with a range of powerful new features and enhancements, this update aims to elevate the mechanical CAD design experience for professionals in the industrial equipment machinery and fabrication markets.

The highlights of IronCAD 2023 Product Update 1 include:

  1. Support for the Latest KeyShot 2023 Release: IronCAD now integrates seamlessly with the latest version of KeyShot, the renowned rendering and animation software. This integration enables users to effortlessly visualize and present their designs with unmatched realism and precision.
  2. Structured Parts Enhancements: IronCAD introduces an innovative ability for Structured Parts to Rename and Relink bodies. This feature provides users with greater flexibility and efficiency in managing and organizing their designs, streamlining the design process.
  3. Improved IronCAD Drawing (ICD) View Creation Speed: With enhanced performance, IronCAD 2023 Product Update 1 accelerates the creation of ICD views, enabling users to generate complex views quickly. This boost in productivity ensures designers can meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.
  4. Enhanced ICD Shaded View Quality in Quick Views with Transparency: The new update enhances the ICD shaded view quality in Quick Views by adding transparency controls for quality and realism. Designers can now achieve a more comprehensive visualization of their models, improving clarity and accuracy during the design process.
  5. Lock/Fix View in ICD to Prevent Accidental Movements: IronCAD now offers the ability to lock or fix views in ICD, minimizing the risk of accidental movements that can disrupt the design. This feature provides designers with peace of mind, allowing them to work with confidence and precision.
  6. Improvements in Broken Views on ICD: IronCAD has made significant enhancements to broken views, enhancing the user experience, and ensuring that designers can effectively communicate their designs requiring broken regions to represent large models.
  7. Search in Parameter Table to Locate Expressions/Names: IronCAD introduces a powerful search functionality within the parameter table, enabling users to quickly locate text and values throughout all columns including expressions and parameter names. This feature boosts productivity by saving valuable time spent searching for specific parameters.
  8. General Quality Improvements: IronCAD’s commitment to excellence shines through in Product Update 1, with a range of general quality improvements that enhance the overall user experience. These quality improvements and enhancements address user feedback and further optimize the software’s performance.
  9. Additional Features and Enhancements: The update includes various other notable additions, such as resolving the Direction of Angle Constraint Flipping and Dimension Flipping by adding directionality control on the constraint. Moreover, new features like the Concrete Hatch Pattern added to ICD Templates, TriBall Pattern of Pattern Support, and updated Multiphysics for IronCAD and IronCAD Mechanical Design Utilities for Machinery Designer provide users with expanded capabilities and a more refined design experience.

“We are thrilled to introduce IronCAD 2023 Product Update 1, which marks another significant step forward in revolutionizing mechanical CAD design,” said Cary O’Connor, V.P. of Marketing at IronCAD. “By incorporating the latest features and enhancements, we are empowering professionals in the industrial equipment machinery and fabrication markets to streamline their workflows, boost productivity, and bring their designs to life with unprecedented realism and precision.”

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