New 2020 Version of the IronCAD Mechanical Design Extension Broadens Manufacturing Capabilities for CAD Software Users

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IronCAD Mechanical 2020 Blog

IronCAD Mechanical 2020 adds brand new features, including the Steel Stair and Railing structure creation, and improvements to existing tools.


(Atlanta, GA) February 21, 2020 – IronCAD, the premier 3D CAD program for machine designers and manufacturers, officially announces the release of the newest version of IronCAD Mechanical (IC Mechanical 2020), its powerful mechanical tools add-on for the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite. Designed to support mechanical designers and increase their productivity, IronCAD Mechanical 2020 is now equipped with Steel Stair structure creation capabilities, enhanced with Railing Creation Tool, useful Ghost State Manager Tool, as well as the new and improved Explode Tool.


For IronCAD Mechanical 2020, this new release offers many new customer-driven enhancements that further extend IronCAD’s capabilities. The brand-new Steel Stair Structure Creation feature allows IronCAD users to create highly customizable, adjustable staircases that fit into a structural design scene easily. Using IronCAD’s groundbreaking positioning and sizing tools, users have complete control of the look of these structural staircases. The addition of the new Railing Creation Tool allows users the ability to create railings for the stairs and other parts. These railings are just as malleable as the staircases, permitting a more effective way for IronCAD users to create the perfect look and feel for their projects.


Further adhering to its tradition of innovation, IC Mechanical 2020 has increasingly refined its current functions and features, instating an array of tools such as Ghost Manager, which allows users to save configuration states of ghosted parts, and easily change configurations to match their needs. Additionally, this functionality can store the camera settings to quickly restore critical viewing locations when switching the ghost configurations.


In describing IC Mechanical 2020 latest features updates, IronCAD’s VP of Marketing, Cary O’Connor states, “With these latest improvements in IC Mechanical such as the IPROExplode Tool, which allows our users to have more control using IronCAD’s smart positioning tools and intelligent selection state functions to quickly explode and assembly, IronCAD has cemented our 2020 edition of IronCAD Mechanical as an all-encompassing toolset for fabricators and machine designers, further demonstrating our commitment to advancing their proficiency and effectiveness at every level of design.”


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