IronCAD Presents CAD Award at 2020 K-12 InVenture at Georgia Tech

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Georgia Tech‘s K-12 InVenture Prize was held on March 11, 2020, featuring teams of student inventions and technology from across the state. IronCAD team members were fortunate enough to sit amongst the judging committee, reviewing and rating the innovative array of imaginative projects, and offering encouraging advice.


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“IronCAD’s participation every year is about more than a sponsorship,” IronCAD Software Engineer and Educational Program Liason, Cameron Schriner said. “When envisioning a future based around design, engineering, and collaboration, the biggest constant is the new faces taking on those challenges. If those young minds start receiving encouragement early in life, their ability to reach new heights only improves. This program is an investment in the future that allows for a fun spin on social engineering that spreads beyond the direct contributors.” 


Created in 2012 and organized by Georgia Tech faculty, the Prize has proven to be a celebrated clash of ingenuity for student innovators who assemble in teams, or individually, to win one of few prizes awarded to inventions deemed most creative and entrepreneurial by an assembly of helpful judges in categories such as Marketability, Social Responsibility, and Knowledge Base among other prerequisites. Preparation for the InVenture prize begins months before in the classroom. Teachers from around the state use a curriculum designed for the competition to mentor students in the invention process.  As a proud sponsor and presenter of the K-12 InVenture Prize for more than 5 years, IronCAD has provided software, teacher training, and support to the classes that participate in the InVenture Challenge.

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This year, IronCAD had the honor of once again presenting the InVenture Prize CAD award, and this year IronCAD’s top prize went to Team Portable Headrest for Special Needs (PHSN). This team of three inventive young ladies designed a rigid headrest frame to help support the pillow and head of a person with special needs riding in a car.


When determining this year’s CAD Award winner, Cameron Schriner shared what stood out most to him about Team PHSN, “The young ladies who won this year showed what engineering should be about. They found a common problem and provided an effective but simple solution. The combination of CAD knowledge and teamwork was impressive, but PHSN designing with empathy and care for their target audience really made their project shine.”

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IronCAD is committed to encouraging and supporting students to learn 3D design. By partnering with educational institutions, IronCAD has been able to bring the power of its intuitive 3D

modeling software into each and every classroom. The simplest CAD for students wanting to explore engineering fundamentals, IronCAD features unparalleled ease of use that makes it is extraordinarily easy to teach and learn. To learn more about IronCAD’s Educational Program, click the link below. 

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