IronCAD Unveils Product Update 1 for IRONCAD 2021

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The latest product update for IronCAD makes major improvements to productivity and usability in the design process in both 3D and 2D.

(Atlanta, GA) April 12th, 2021 – IronCAD, the premier 3D CAD program of choice for machine designers, officially announces the release of the first update for IronCAD’s newest 2021 edition. The IRONCAD 2021 Product Update #1 (PU1) features exciting enhancements and capabilities that enable IronCAD users to accelerate productivity in the design process in both 3D and 2D.

Created with a focus on design productivity and usability, IronCAD 2021 PU1 makes major improvements to many key functional items. With the many new capabilities introduced in PU1, CAD software users will benefit in areas including Sheet Metal, Point Cloud Modelling, IronCAD Detail Drawing, and General 3D Modeling with IronCAD’s drag & drop push-pull capabilities and patented TriBall positioning and creation tool.

Among the many new enhancements, key functional items addressed for IronCAD 2021 Product Update #1 are:

  • Sheet Metal Enhancements: Many Enhancements to support more capabilities in sheet metal design and even design in Corrugate Packaging by supporting single line Cut and Cross-Break Design with the Sketch Bend tool. Users can create complex combinations of bends, line cuts and cross-breaks in a single tool simplifying the process and steps required to create their products.
  • Point Cloud Enhancements: Many improvements in the Point Cloud capabilities have been added to allow users to work more effectively with scanned data. Import multiple scanned data sets into a single working environment. Position imported data sets to the correct locations. Reduce data sets on import to control the amount of data required. Use new tools to deleted points and to hide/show point clouds to enhance the workflow when working and creating geometry from the point cloud data.
  • IronCAD Drawing Enhancements: Many usability improvements have been added in the detailed drawing environment including the Double-Click to Quickly Edit Properties for More Annotations which speeds up the annotation process. Another key improvement is the Bill of Material improvement for Top-Level Assemblies to Expand on View-Based Selections allowing for more control to create specific tables and callouts for products.

Further improvements within Product Update #1 also address enhancements to general items including, Pin Favorite Stocks in the Pop-up Stock Table on Drop from the Catalog, Project Edges from Import 2D Reference Curves in 3D Into Other Sketches, Improve/Support Larger Preview Images in Windows Explorer for IronCAD Files, Add New Option in the Right-Click Menu of the TriBall to Turn off the TriBall for quick access, as well as improvements to IronCAD’s KeyShot Integration and support for Rhino 6.0. 

“Product Update #1 targeted to focus on our customer’s usability and productivity and the features and quality improvements we implemented set out to deliver on that goal,” stated Cary O’Connor, V.P. of Marketing for IronCAD. “It is critical that we continue to deliver productivity improvements in short cycles to our customers so that they can remain competitive and allow them to continue to develop new innovative products in this economy.” He continued.

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