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IronCAD Announces Latest Release, Designed with a Focus on Productivity by Making Innovative 3D Designs Move to Production Faster


(ATLANTA, Ga.) November 30th, 2020 — IronCAD, the 3D CAD productivity platform of choice among metal fabricators and custom machinery manufacturers, officially announces the release of IRONCAD 2021, which contains many exciting improvements and capabilities that help customers drive innovation and move to production faster.

Every year, IronCAD global customers submit feedback with enhancement improvements that matter the most for increasing the design productivity or improving the 3D to the production drawing process. In addition to user feedback, after having endured an unprecedented year, it was essential that we continue to work hard to keep IronCAD users working and ensure that productivity is the way of life for their business with the release of IRONCAD 2021. In this year’s release, the main focus was on improving productivity to help create designs and production drawings faster. With this in mind, our goal for IronCAD 2021 was to improve the performance from 3D to the 2D detailing stage, improve the detailing user experience, continuous quality improvement, as well as improvements that make the design process more productive.

Examples amongst the new improvements in IRONCAD 2021 are:

  • Improved IntelliShape® Handles for Increasing Performance – New behaviors to quickly symmetrically size shapes with a right-click drag, quick access to handle values attached to the cursor, and more powerful snap options to get precise locations from a point or center point that allow users to design faster with IronCAD shapes.
  • User Interface Improvements to Enhance the User Experience – Easier access to multiple catalogs, direct feedback on face and edge length/area information, direct selection access to assemblies, parts, features, and faces in the current selection viewing direction, TriBall® shortcuts to reduce steps in repeating copy/link commands, and many more to improve the user workflow in design.
  • Sheet Metal Design Improvements and Accessibility – Improved processes in selecting stocks, automatic bend alignment on angled sheet metal stock for creation and updates, and accessing common commands for sheet metal bends to speed up the design and editing of sheet metal.
  • Overall 2D Technical Drawing User Improvements – 2D Annotation catalog for common annotations, 2D Template catalog to quickly change templates for drawings, new tools for revision clouds and ISO Tolerance Codes for dimensions, improved bulk view creation options to automatically generate drawing layouts that speed up the 2D detailing, and many other improvements to enhance the detailing process for production designs.
  • Communication Improvements for Sharing – The free Share 3D viewer has an improved user interface and support for measure and textures while supporting large geometry data sets that allow users to communicate 3D designs faster and easily with customers on any tablet or laptop device on any platform with an HTML5 supported browser.

“In a year with major uncertainty and with businesses and people across the globe impacted in unique ways, IronCAD worked closely with our customers to shape the 2021 release to meet their current needs and to help plan for future capabilities for remote working and collaboration,” stated Cary O’Connor, V.P. of Marketing for IronCAD. “IronCAD remains committed to focus on our customer satisfaction and to deliver solutions to assist our customers in remaining competitive and innovative in these challenging times. IronCAD 2021 is our first stepping stone in this direction and more solutions are being developed with our teams to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.” he continued.


For a more extensive list of IRONCAD 2021 improvements and enhancements, click here.

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