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Checkpoint Levels Designed in IronCAD

With a combined work experience of almost 200 years, Checkpoint has done just about all there is on a job site: erecting steel racks, TIG welding warehouse equipment, general construction, carpentry, drywall work, electrical installation, plumbing, machining and mechanical assembly, carpet installation, painting, demolition, cabinetry and fixtures.

Somewhere along the way, Checkpoint was inspired to create a new family of tools that could help make doing a job a whole lot faster and easier. The tools themselves also had to be a whole lot better than anything else available. Dave Kemmerer, President of CheckPoint, suggested that perhaps a smaller level at the low end of the market might offer some of the best sales opportunities.

Here’s how Dave and his team solved the challenge of developing a better level quickly and efficiently with IRONCAD.

A Complete, Rendered Model within an Hour with IRONCAD

Checkpoint LevelDave’s team selected IRONCAD’s unique approach to help them design the new level because with IRONCAD, they have the flexibility to make changes at any time during the design process. IRONCAD offers a clean and simple approach to design, which allowed them to really think in 3D and create models dynamically on screen without having to pre-plan and map out the concept in advance. IRONCAD’s innovative design environment also allowed them to directly manipulate geometry independent of history while maintaining feature design information essential for conceptual modeling.

Within an hour of starting their design in IRONCAD, the Checkpoint team had fully modeled the level and presented the rendered image of the finished product to management. For Dave, IRONCAD was crucial to the rapid development of their new super level. His team went on to use IRONCAD to model the entire product range of tools they envisioned.

Taking Checkpoint to the Next Level with IRONCAD

Following the design of the level and other tools in the product line, Checkpoint used IRONCAD to create a fully automated production line for manufacturing using IRONCAD’s Smart eContentTM. Using this feature, the team was able to reuse the same electronics and other components quickly and easily. IRONCAD’s unique Catalog system, the foundation for Smart eContent, let them easily create assemblies, parts, features, and other relevant, re-usable content and share it among team members — or even with customers to better communicate product deliverables or concepts.

“IronCAD expanded CheckPoint’s design capabilities by allowing them to fully utilize the power and ease of use of IronCAD’s Catalogs,” says Cary O’Connor, V.P. Marketing, IronCAD. “ They are even able to add intelligence and domain-specific knowledge to their products through a process we call Smart eBehaviorTM. Using eBehavior, they can create intelligent features and parts that behave according to predefined rules and constraints for the quick configuration and construction of products. They can also add information such as pricing, availability, or expected delivery to help make informed decisions on new products that exceed customer expectations.”

“Our manufacturing team is now working on new hardware,” says Kemmerer. “IronCAD opened the door to new business opportunities!”

Checkpoint Levels