Are You Wanting More from MCAD?

Jul 12, 2018 | , , , ,
IronCAD Gold

“To sum up my experience of IronCAD, it exceeded my expectations and left me wanting more.” –Phil Foley, Contributor to Design World

IronCAD is an MCAD product that is unique in its intuitive design philosophy incorporating drag-and-drop functionality, push-and-pull shape modification, and a non-restrictive history-based design process.

New users find IronCAD a bit strange at first when trying to run it like other MCAD systems but they soon realize that significant time savings and productivity increases can be achieved with IronCAD.

Leslie Langnau’s article contributed from Phil Foley in Design World narrates this sort of realization on the part of an experienced MCAD user, capturing his first impressions of IronCAD and his growing realization of just how powerful it can be.

“I’m glad I gave IronCAD’s Drag and Drop Modeling a try. It’s a slight departure in my typical design flow, however, it was a great time saver and they may have converted me,” writes Foley.

IronCAD is always continuing to advance its user experience to make it easier to use and increase productivity for equipment machinery designers. Foley’s account of his first experiences with IronCAD underscores just how easy it is to learn and appreciate. Future releases will continue to focus on expanding the ease of use and incorporating specific tools to enhance the common workflows in equipment machine design.

To find out what makes IronCAD a fundamentally better way to design in 3D for equipment manufacturers, check out our video highlighting how IronCAD lets you design the way you think, intuitively and powerfully.