What’s New in IronCAD Mechanical 2020

Feb 25, 2020 | , , , , ,
IronCAD Mechanical 2020 Blog

We’re excited to announce the release of IronCAD 2020. IronCAD Mechanical 2020 adds brand new features, including the Steel Stair and Railing structure creation, and improvements to existing tools. Below are more specific details about the many new customer-driven enhancements in IronCAD Mechanical 2020 that further extend IronCAD’s capabilities.


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The IPROActiveManager tool has new enhanced search options to help you narrow your search for the things you need. These new options work well with the new filter functions that show you exactly what you need. Using the IPROActiveManager, you can now use IronCAD’s Ghost commands on your part, without needing to leave the tool. This functionality is great for when you need to work within your larger assemblies. Lastly, the IPROActiveManager has added capabilities to help sort your BOM meet your exact specifications.

IC-Mechanical 2020 - IPROActiveManager



IronCAD Mechanical has added the ability to create highly customizable, adjustable staircases that fit into your scene easily. These staircases use IronCAD’s groundbreaking positioning and sizing tools to allow you to have complete control of the look of these structural staircases. Additionally, you will also be able to create railings for the stairs and other parts. These railings are just as malleable as the staircases, allowing you to create the perfect look and feel for your projects.


In addition, a new tool has been developed for IC Mechanical that allows you to create caps and ribs for your steel parts with only a few clicks. The Trim and Extend Steel commands have been updated as well to and now work faster and smarter than ever before. 




Custome Steel Command

The Custom Steel tool in IronPRO has a new updated UI to allow users to be able to organize their steel libraries in subfolders. Additionally, the tool can now generate a preview image from the .ics file if one is not present in the folder.

Custom Steel Command



Ghost Manager

Similar to the Isolate Elements function, This function allows you to save configuration states of ghosted parts, and easily change your configurations to match your needs.  This functionality is great for having unclickable representations in your scene reference while you work through the parts.


Ghost manager


Isolate Elements

IronPRO’s Isolate Elements feature is an excellent tool for hiding specific elements in your scene file and saving them as save states to allow you to switch between them. The latest updates to this functionality now allow users to switch between their different views more quickly.





Drill Command

Improvements to the drill command now allow users to create their drilled parts quicker than before. New enhancements shorten the time between the generation of the Drilled parts.


Drill commands

Chamfer option on IPROHOLES

New to Mechanical 2020 is the ability to create Chamfers on your holes when creating them. You can use the Checkbox that says Apply Chamfer, and then select your chamfer size, and IronCAD will automatically generate it. You can change the chamfer at any time by right-clicking the feature and select add-on properties if you want to change the chamfer size.





IC Mechanical 2020 features improvements to the “Elements Along 3D Curve” tool, allowing you to place parts along a 3D curve with ease.


IC-Mechanical 2020 - IPROShapeUtils




The latest updates to the IPROExplode tool now allow users to create Exploded Views more easily. In this release, you have more control of the explosion using IronCAD’s smart positioning tools and intelligent selection state functions.