Free Catalogs and CAD Templates

Expedite and enhance your design process with libraries of 3D CAD models — including CAD templates for both parts and assemblies — that directly integrate with the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite.

Then, use IRONCAD’s powerful catalog feature to build your own catalogs with intelligent modular parts and assemblies that will automatically connect with one another when dragged and dropped into IRONCAD’s unified design environment.


Catalog of 3D models for items typically found in apartments or houses.


Set of standard 3D models for components used in designing structures.


Assortment of 3D models for audio components such as speakers.


Library of 3D models for auditoriums such as podiums and tables.


CAD templates for standard awards such as plaques and trophies.


Selection of 3D models for desktops, drives, laptops, mice, and monitors.


3D CAD model catalog of construction components like piping and molding.

Construction II

Library of truss elements and other construction component 3D models.


Catalog of small 3D components used to build dollhouse designs.

Doors & Windows

CAD templates for various standard door and window elements.


Set of models for electrical components such as boxes, breakers, panels.

Electrical II

Library of more electrical components such as connectors and switches.


Selection of 3D CAD models for electrical motors, keys, and toggles.

Fasteners — Nails

Library of 3D models for standard fasteners such as nails and staplers.


Set of 3D models for selection of standard forklifts used in facilities.


CAD catalog of designs for various jewelry elements used in presentations.

Marine Animals

Group of 3D models representing various marine animals.

Mechanical Components

Templates for mechanical components such as belts, pulleys, and casters.

Modular Fixtures

Library of 3D models for building a modular fixturing device for CMM.

Negative Letters

Sets of subtractive letter designs for removing material from models.


Library of 3D models for various office components such as binders, trays.

Office II

More 3D CAD templates for office components such as folders, racks.


Collection of 3D models for packaging like boxes, cartons, and envelopes.

PC Boards

Catalog containing PC board elements such as resistors and capacitors.

Pipe Collars

Library of 3D models for standard pipe collar components and fittings.

Pipe Fittings

Catalog 3D models for cast iron pipe fittings such at tees and elbows.


Assortment of 3D illustrations representing plants for presentations.

Sheet Metal

CAD catalog for sheet metal design, including fasteners and rivets.


Selection of 3D models for sports equipment such as bats, benches, and lockers.


Set of CAD models for compressors, saws, and other industrial tools.

Toys & Games

Assorted 3D models for toys and games that can be used in presentations.


Library of weapon models, such as bombs and cannons, for illustration.

Weapons II

More 3D weapon models for illustration, including guns and knives.


Catalog of 3D models used to represent weather conditions in illustrations.