2017 Product Update #1

May 19, 2017

As a continued effort to deliver the latest enhancements and improvements of our products, we have officially release our Product Update #1 to 2017 providing valuable improvements to the quality and usability of the application along with many performance improvements.

Access to the installation is available in the IronCAD Live Update that is installed with the IronCAD 2017 DCS. If enabled, you will receive a notification of the new version and will be able to download and install from this utility. You can manually download the installation from the links below following the provided installation notes.

Installation and Download Notes

  • Click the appropriate download link for the installation package that is designed for your current operating system. Installing the incorrect installation may result in installation issues.
  • This installation can only install on the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2017 and 2017 Service Pack #1 and will update all products included with the Design Collaboration Suite (IRONCAD, INOVATE, IRONCAD DRAFT, and IRONCAD COMPOSE).
  • This Service Patch cannot be uninstalled individually from the Add/Remove Programs in the control panel. To uninstall, you will need to remove the full IronCAD 2017 Product Update #1 version and reinstall the standard 2017.

Download Links

Operating System Download Link
Vista/7/8/10 32-bit IronCAD DCS 2017 PU#1 – 32-bit
Vista/7/8/10 64-bit IronCAD DCS 2017 PU#1 – 64-bit

Improvements/Enhancements Included in Product Update #1

  • Graphical Performance Improvements – Graphical interactions such as pan, zoom, and rotate in the 3D environment have been improved even further from 2017. Increases in performance have reached 45% better in average across large assemblies.
  • Save Performance Improvements – Additional improvement from 2017 in saving have improved the save times by 25% on large assembly data sets.
  • Upgrade to Latest Native Translators – The latest release of the IronCAD Native Translators support all the industries latest formats including Catia R2016, Inventor 2017, NX 11, Solid Edge ST9, and SolidWorks 2017.
  • Upgrade to Latest Modeling Kernels – IronCAD has updated both ACIS and Parasolid to improve quality and resolve quality reports related to the modeling kernels.
  • User Interface Style Update – IronCAD 2017 Product Update #1 has been updated to support the latest 2016 Microsoft UI styles. The default has been set to the 2016 Blue style however you can change to any previous supported style under the style settings in the top right of the application window.
  • Bend Deduction Setting – Users can choose bend allowance and bend deduction calculations to determine the flat length of sheet stock required to deliver the desired dimension of the bent part. Product Update 1 has added support for Bend Deduction on the individual bend settings to allow users additional control of their unfolds.

  • Materials Library & Smart Paints – A new materials library has been added that lets users set parts with various material information and color properties for visual appearance.
  • Gear Tool – A new command browser for create Gears has been added. This tool has similar properties found in the Tools Catalog for gears but now is based in a browser UI that has editable text files to add/remove information.

  • Plane Surface Tool – A new surface tool has been added to create a plane surface. Simply define a plane orientation, location, and size an the plane will be generated.
  • Quick Select Smart Dimensioning – The IronCAD Drawing has added support of a new dimension behavior that allows for the direct selection of lines to dimension in between. Previously, users would need to hold down the Shift key to support this behavior but now it has been made a default action (e.g., If one selects a line, one gets the dimension of the line. Click to place or pick another line to change the dimension to be the distance between the two selected lines or angle).
  • Section Line Label Locations – Users now have setting in the Section Line Styles to define a location for the Label created for Section Lines.
  • Improvements in Section View Labeling – Improvements have been made to make it easier to reset the section view label. In the section command browser, the label setting has been added to allow quick editing versus changing in the properties after the section has been created.
  • Assign Line Types to View Styles – Line Types set in the View Properties of the Default Styles now properly allows individual Line Type settings to be stored per style.
  • Custom Holes in Hole Table Quantity Count – The Hole Table has been improved to properly identify custom holes and to generate the correct hole quantity. Previous versions only support simple Custom Hole types.
  • IronCAD DRAFT Hole Table Item Naming – New in the Auto Hole Table List in the DRAFT environment is the ability to set a name for the Hole Origin to identify specific hole lists. For example: H1 and H2 lists where a group of holes can be identified as H1 and another set of holes (at the same or different origin location) can be labeled H2.

  • IronCAD DRAFT Ordinate Dimension Identification – When selecting Ordinate (Coordinate) dimensions, the origin dimension will highlight to identify the origin set. This is useful when more than one ordinate dimension set is added to a drawing view.
  • IronCAD DRAFT Standard Manager – A common location to edit and manage standards has been added in DRAFT. Within this tool, you can see the current set standards, edit existing standards, and define default standards.

Quality Issues Addressed for Product Update #1

Support ID QA ID Description
104170 57235 Triball is turned off when switching to/from perspective
104977 49862 This STEP file imports into 2014 but not 2015
105766 51058 Cannot import this STEP file from ZW3D
105877 51125 Serious Internal Error that locks up IronCAD
105955 51413 Unfolded sheet metal part keeps losing unsuppressed state
106269 53645 ICAPI OnSizeboxChange event callback
106357 53676 Cannot get any views in ICD
106539 53764 ICD Bug: Cannot set different layers for different styles in the “Views” style
106728 55295 Move the Section View label
106967 54469 IC2016 PU1 Export STEP, ACIS, Parasolid
107057 54535 Creo Import
107129 54612 ICD Broken View Creation creates a blank view.
107138 54628 Steel Frame Custom Property “FrameLength” won’t show in the BOM.
107177 54687 CAXA Draft Update error in IC 2016
107243 54845 Moving Decal Changes the Size
107275 54913 3isd31.dll messes up the Automation API
107296 54950 Step file failed import
107299 54954 Error of Real dimension
107323 54981 Section View Increment Increase after Deleting and Recreating Section
107367 55107 IAE update drawing views and reattaching dimensions
107380 55218 Relocation of items in the browser tree messes up the properties
107431 55324 Section Line Label Letter
107630 56620 v2017 RC1, Compose UI issues
107634 56622 IronCAD support document 132 issue 2
107720 56762 IAE: IronCAD Crashes when you edit the Diameter of the holes in the part.
107740 56787 Can’t dimension the 2D Sketch projected in this drawing.
107744 56844 Views don’t update in CAXA Draft.
107760 56922 Bad edge on sheet metal part
107768 56926 Can’t select or delete the hole table in this drawing.
107774 56930 World Axis symbol doubles when 2D Shape is selected.
107813 56962 ICS file doesn’t load into 2017 after saving and closing 2017, it loads in 2016.
107816 56971 Swedish PMI tolerance failure
107823 56975 Diameter Symbol Displays Incorrectly in the BOM
107825 56978 Hole Table Quantity is wrong
107826 56982 Drawing Template Logo Exports to PDF as solid gray block
107829 57019 Sheetmetal Part Displays Incorrect Folded Geometry
107831 57065 When turning off Radius, bend callout goes to two lines even though it’s set to single line.
107839 57104 Centerline created when Export to DWG
107841 57140 Bendlines are Displaying in Correct Information
107842 57105 Unable to Import DXF file
107846 57139 ICD size grows with creation of shaded view and does not reduce after shaded view deleted
107860 57182 Explode Assembly Prompt Missing – Explode Cannot be Undone
107867 57214 IAE/Crash CAXAdraft Update
107874 57231 Bend Line Callouts Fail when Hole is Added to 3D Geometry
107875 57233 Hidden Lines Color Settings
107891 57237 SV. Flipping Angle
107927 57257 IronWEB html contains path for the viewer to www.hoop3d.com and crashes IE 11.
107944 57276 IC2017 SP1 HF1 Setting for Reverse Orientation changes by accident for cut with Brep1
107949 57290 Structured Steel part’s part number and description not appearing in the BOM.
107956 57386 TriBall Midpoint snap highlight is missing
107958 57387 ICD Saved File Size vs Save As
107963 57394 Exported OBJ file rotates the part. – regression
107977 57494 Ironcad Tutorial Regen Issue
107984 57543 Show Unused Cannot Show Unused BOM items on different sheets
107986 57544 User unaware that IRONCAD is busy importing file
107988 57547 The ( + ) Icon on Constraints does not work in Assembly Design Mode of Scene Browser
108013 57640 Detail View Scale Update Bug
108014 57642 Sheet Metal Unfold
108025 57719 3D DXF Import Results
108032 57720 HasInternalLinks() sometimes returns an incorrect result
108050 57756 Conic Stock Update
108059 57789 Item Bubbles “??”
108066 57794 IAE when updating all views in this drawing.
108092 57851 Prefix and Suffix Lost on Update
108108 57876 Add Stock features missing on unfold
108155 57996 Error: Unable to open one or more document streams
108183 58122 Crash Creating Ellipse in ICD
108184 58158 IRONCAD COMPOSE 2017 linked files not found
108207 58190 Regression – Crash when copying a cone shape.
108215 58593 DXF Export Wrong Geometry
108218 58274 Second Instance License
108235 58342 Can’t save this EXB to a DWG.
108240 58350 Issue for Two Sliders On Configuration Dialog and View Creation Select View Dialog
108273 58500 IAE: Unable to save file
108307 58598 Grey out Items in Scene: Using Dark Grey Theme
108309 58599 Other user in use as read only notification not working in this case.
108323 58627 Incorrect unfold results.
108360 58694 Revision Table, Date Format
108361 58697 Convert to SheetMetal – Incorrect Size Generated
108386 58782 File Causes IC and W10 to Lock Up + Scaling Distorts View
108409 58891 Imported Step & Pro/E file issue which seems to be Regen issue
108429 58990 IZWire::IsCurveClosed return E_FAIL
34678 ICAPI: Exceptions occur after loading file and using ICAPI functions
54959 Export of ICD to DWG, dimensions have enormous legs
55217 ICAPI:  Default Style warning dialog does not follow SilentMode flag
56817 Break external link and cancel it, reopen this ics ,part showing wrong
56821 Edit SmartMotion editor ,and drag animation to scene, Crash
56842 Regression: After set Thread type, counterbored hole does not update its value
56847 Add and Play animation ,crash(not reproducible)
56851 Unable to open file with visual load
56863 Unlink part, one of the parts disappears.
56864 Add assembly feature on the part, but it can’t delete the feature
56876 Rotate view, no response
56877 Switch kernel, no response
56884 Unlink the part, the number of bodies will be lost.
56887 When switch fillet surface style, all selected references should clear automatically.
56889 The number of bodies is wrong.
56897 Edit old attachment point, its parameter had changed automatically from 100 into 100)
56899 Patch surface, pop up IAE
56901 Save Bom, the data is incorrect
56902 Switch kernel, crash
56905 Rotate view, pop up IAE
56967 Open file, 2D sketch display is not complete
56977 Revision Table Properties dialog title wrong
56984 Delete reference 2d, display error
56985 Unable to unlink the reference 2d
56988 Edit fastener, there is a redundant option.
56999 Should not pick up the middle point when create bridge curve
57002 When using the bridge curve, the video card has an error
57003 Save as the washer and it is difficult to edit the options
57004 Edit the washer, the part is broken.
57009 Unable to create fillet
57014 Edit patch face, crash
57031 Edit 2D dimension, crash
57033 Open an old file, edit the sketch, the part is broken
57036 Link part, the curve doesn’t show in the scene
57037 Hide bridge curve, edit it, the curve will be displayed
57038 Edit bridge curve, the preview doesn’t match
57054 Save as external, unable to open file
57059 Additional hide/unhide interfaces in the ICAPI
57063 Select this threaded hole and IronCAD closes
57069 Chamfer edges, two distance type, the start distance value of one edge is not the one you set.
57074 Edit chamfer, crash
57075 Create section view, set the contour line doesn’t show correctly
57091 Edit view properties. crash
57094 Compare old version, “Enable camera look at during editing” has regression
57106 Regression: The shape analysis is wrong.
57113 Edit bridge curve, but it doesn’t show in the scene.
57116 Link the sketch, but I can’t break the link.
57117 When create extrude feature, switch its direction, the arrow shows wrong(regression)
57124 Extrude to next face, regression
57135 Create link part/assembly, and change them name, the linked part/assembly name no longer change automatically.
57159 Edit sweep feature, the reference object of section  lost
57161 Boolean two surfaces, popup IAE
57162 Should not create body with 3d curve
57163 Edit bad spin feature, popup IAE
57165 Create spin, and cancel Generate As Surface. IC crash
57166 Cannot create 3D curve  in spin feature
57174 Edit sweep feature, do not display cross section
57186 Unable to select outlines when create spin feature
57188 Create spin feature, crash
57194 shell part, generated result is not correct
57195 Switch kernel and save file ,reopen it ,reference lost
57196 Rollback causes ruled surface to move its position
57201 Create ruled surface, the result is wrong
57202 Surface editing, crash
57205 Unlink part, crash
57208 Failed to edit 3d curve
57213 Section Line Labels are in the wrong position in exported DWG.
57215 Failed to create extrude feature with up to vertex
57216 Flip extrude feature, the result is wrong
57223 bridge curve, “reverse path direction”, curve direction does not change
57225 bridge curve, “Display inflection point ” check or not  is the same
57227 Bend angle is wrong in these callouts
57249 Graphics problem in Extrude Outside Cut when changing the Vector direction, arrow becomes huge
57269 Read me link doesn’t work on the Polish Setup Wizard.
57270 CAXA Draft Library browser is empty in the Polish version
57282 Fillet Surface – Surface to Curve option fails
57285 Polish 32-bit 2017 – Can’t find Shapes catalog or default templates upon initial startup
57286 Polish 32-bit 2017 – Wrong working folder.
57292 Use 3D curve to create extrude surface, up to vertex, the result is wrong
57294 When use 3D curve to create extrude surface, its preview is wrong
57296 bridge curve, move 3d curve up, then preview result is different from last result
57299 Copy part use triball ,popup IAE
57306 Pick up the point of the curve, display the part that does not exist
57307 bridge curve cannot  select  “extract curve”
57325 Link part, then edit the feature, undo, Pop up IAE.
57326 Cancel to create extrude feature, pop up IAE
57327 Extrude part, the preview of the part doesn’t update timely
57329 Switch the kernel, the extrude direction changes
57331 Add chamfer edge on the washer, then suppress the washer, the chamfer edge is lost.
57332 Link the part, the original part doesn’t show in the scene.
57333 Extrude feature, the preview is wrong
57335 Failed to flip extrude direction
57338 Save part as external and then cancel external, click part, IC popup IAE
57339 Delete surface and click cancel, popup IAE (Unable to reproduce)
57344 Extrude to next face ,popup IAE
57348 Create fillet, crash
57355 Unable to import dwg file in 2d sketch
57366 Add fastener, the preview is wrong
57375 Preview does not popup error. After creation it pops up error
57376 Create variable fillet, The accuracy is different from 2016.
57378 chamfer edges-variable distance, parameter should not be additional distance ,it should be internal points number
57379 chamfer edges-variable distance, Once the “set point number” button is set, it cannot be edited or cancelled
57399 Edit distance from point, Regression
57409 Flip extrude direction, the direction of result is wrong
57411 Delete miter, pop up IAE
57415 Create variable fillet, undo, crash.
57419 Constant face blend , trim long. The  result is not correct,
57422 constant face blend, the generated result blend is not smooth, preview is ok
57429 Drag parts, unable to expand part tree
57451 Features fail in 2017 when regen’ing this part.
57453 Pick up point, but the state is wrong
57454 Feature From Sketch Regions. Choose link to existing profiles. In selected outlines-Unable to select sketch outline
57478 If the assembly has a number of external link parts, can only unlink external one by one,
57479 unlink external ,then  undo, nothing happen
57488 Cannot import reference dwg file
57493 Can’t move text that has been pasted to a new drawing then associated to a new view.
57504 Create loft feature, pop up error message
57509 Can’t edit the dimension value by right menu.
57510 Draw a new wire to create extrude part, undo, Crash.
57527 Draw two lines, their angle is not equal to 90 degrees tangent .tangent constrain is displayed.
57532 Add horizontal constraints. Line turn into an arc
57533 Add horizontal constraints, and  the line became vertical
57545 Dimension with range does not behavior correctly
57568 Select spherical blend, pop up warning, crash
57570 Create blend edge, crash
57573 Edit chamfer, the edge can’t highlight.
57578 Open an old file ,edit the chamfer edge, crash
57579 Drag the handle, the values direction should be match with the extruding direction.
57580 Extrude the surface, the neutral surface’s position is wrong.
57582 Draw 3D wire to create sweep feature, the 3D wire is broken.
57590 Open Old draft ,update ,thread line become Thick-solid line
57606 Ruled surface, object is lost
57611 Add hole list ,crash
57619 Edit chamfer edge, crash
57646 Edit old ics file, click preview ,popup IAE
57656 Delete feature, pop up IAE
57672 Draw ellipse, lock the dimension, it will create a redundant ellipse.
57674 Draw ellipse, unlock the dimension, edit the value, can’t drive the dimension.
57687 IAE when adding a new sheet in ICD.
57690 Open 3.ics file, popup IAE
57699 The offset dimension doesn’t show in the scene.
57725 Diameter symbol is messed up in User Defined Symbols.
57731 Add section view ,crash
57732 Open an old file, it is difficult to select the body in scene browser.
57738 Edit sheet metal bend, there is redundant stock created
57795 Catalog’s order is different from where it is set
57797 Catalog sets, select catalog files. It does not support choosing more than one file
57817 save all as external, the destination file  does not include the root file itself
57844 The default BOM style in the ANSI templates is not good. Wrong sizing.
57846 BOM doesn’t update description
57849 Arrow sizes don’t match.
57884 Expand tree of constraint, pop up IAE
57885 Pick up sheet metal, pop up IAE
57895 Save icc file, pop up lots of warnings and IAE
57911 Open file, crash
57912 Regression – Can’t get Meta data from imported Inventor file when Parasolid is the default kernel.
57922 Save as file, do not display 3d curve
57947 Edit smart dimension. Crash
57955 Use light wizard ,popup IAE
57956 When adding animation on a Light, cancel it,  zoom view ,popup IAE (Not reproducible)
57959 HSF is not being created for PackageBuilder and IronWEB.
57963 Live Update keeps wanting to update TRANS PU1 even after it’s installed.
58124 The “Default Lock Direction” for Sweep needs to be on by default
58348 Text with Leader Copy/Paste crash
58497 Edit, Save and Close this Externally linked assembly and IronCAD closes.
58560 ACIS and Parasolid present different unfold results on this sheet metal loft part, I suspect ACIS is wrong.
58745 Auxiliary View is projected in the wrong direction
58776 Part property string isn’t updated correctly when the driving parameter value is changed.
58989 IAE deleting this Sheet Metal Mirror feature