2017 Service Pack #1

Dec 21, 2016

As a continued effort to deliver the latest enhancements and improvements of our products, we have officially release an product update to 2017 providing valuable improvements to the quality and usability of the application.

Access to the installation is available in the IronCAD Live Update that is installed with the IronCAD 2017 DCS. If enabled, you will receive a notification of the new version and will be able to download and install from this utility. You can manually download the installation from the links below following the provided installation notes.

Installation and Download Notes

  • Click the appropriate download link for the installation package that is designed for your current operating system. Installing the incorrect installation may result in installation issues.
  • This installation can only install on the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2017 and will update all products included with the Design Collaboration Suite (IRONCAD, INOVATE, IRONCAD DRAFT, and IRONCAD COMPOSE).
  • This Service Patch can be uninstalled individually from the Add/Remove Programs in the control panel.

Download Links

Operating System Download Link
Vista/7/8/10 32-bit IronCAD DCS 2017 SP#1 – 32-bit
Vista/7/8/10 64-bit IronCAD DCS 2017 SP#1 – 64-bit

Quality Issues Addressed for Service Pack #1

Support ID QA ID Description
106258 53597 Items that are suppressed are being shown in the ICD BOM
106983 54479 Incorrect quantity in ICD BOM
107028 54505 Show Part Edges – regression between v2012 and v2013
55108 Zoom the view, but the coordinate system flashes
107398 55268 Export Image gives the wrong result
107520 55962 Revision Table Cannot edit the Column Header values
56027 Can’t transfer BOM Description back to Scene for this assembly.
56176 Zoom view, the box of dimension was changed
56205 Suppress the feature,then unsuppress it.Pop up a warning “The reference is lost”
107575 56295 Save as Part/Assembly automated tab switching
56306 Undo operation, the dimension was changed
56321 Add associated body’s file name to the update dialog when changing the source of externally linked files
56460 Punch stops wrapping when bend is edited.
107600 56503 Part Deactivation issue in IC2017
56505 Blend warning when it shouldn’t be
107602 56508 Hole diameter changes automatically
107604 56511 User cannot re-assign “Paste in place” to another keyboard shortcut.
56532 Project Constraint breaks with kernel change
56555 Edit links to 3D Scene,program crash
56566 Send mail, program prompt error(IAE)
56578 Failed to set full constraint status
56636 The symbol of geometric tolerance is wrong in DRAFT
56638 Click Draft library,Crash
56647 Extract curve,the edge doesn’t highlight
56661 Crash when “Add Hole” is used twice continuously in smart markup
56662 KeyShot PRO license doesn’t work with standalone Compose 2017
56672 Open the same assembly file, IC2017 is very slow compare with IC2016
56680 Compare with old version,play animation in new version ,very slow
107513 56686 Revision Table – Default Date format
107646 56689 ICD BOM amount, external link counted twice
107658 56711 Wrong quanity in the BOM
107666 56715 BOM Items Missing between versions
107673 56731 IronCAD 2017 cannot Open File
56767 Part is not update when assembly sizebox changes
56786 Delete a linking SM part, the unfolded SM in linked side is deleted too.