2018 Service Pack #1

Feb 15, 2018

As a continued effort to deliver the latest enhancements and improvements of our products, we have officially release our Service Pack #1 to IronCAD DCS 2018 providing valuable improvements to the quality and usability of the application.

Access to the installation is available in the IronCAD Live Update that is installed with the IronCAD DCS 2018. If enabled, you will receive a notification of the new version and will be able to download and install from this utility. You can manually download the installation by “Check Updates” in the Live Update utility or from the links below following the provided installation notes.

Installation and Download Notes

  • Click the download link to begin your download. Once complete, run the IronCAD2018SP1.exe to being the installation process.
  • This installation can only install on the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2018 and will update all products included with the Design Collaboration Suite (IRONCAD, INOVATE, IRONCAD DRAFT, and IRONCAD COMPOSE).
  • This Service Patch cannot be uninstalled individually from the Add/Remove Programs in the control panel. To uninstall, you will need to remove the full IronCAD 2018 Service Pack #1 version and reinstall the standard 2018. You can uninstall using the Uninstall IronCAD DCS in the Start-Programs-IronCAD menu.
  • Standalone IRONCAD COMPOSE does not have a Service Pack #1 install and can continue to open and view saved files in Service Pack #1.

Download Links

Operating System Download Link
Vista/7/8/10 64-bit IronCAD DCS 2018 SP#1 – 64-bit

Quality Issues Addressed for Product Update #1

Support ID QA ID Description
107649 56690 CAXA Dimension Snap Error (Aperture)
107677 56739 IronCAD support document 136 – Dual Dimension Centering
108502 59389 IronCAD support document 164 – Misplaced items after combine surfaces
109006 59983 Parts are being duplicated and rotated when updating to KeyShot.
109215 60314 ICD, Circular Hole Pattern and Centermark Annotations loose contact on Update
109376 60769 Issue With Parameters and Expressions And Catalogs
109584 61503 IronCAD support document 210 – Issue 1 – Set Bend Angle function changes the geometry after all
109677 61913 #1322:Confirmation message – External Linking Prompt
109687 61930 Crash when grouping items for the Quick Command menu
109704 61945 Move or Copy Sheet – Create a Copy + To End
109711 61954 Can’t load IC Web Viewer content on Swedish Windows.
109733 61985 Long save time
109741 62000 Section view in drawing with multiple configuration + Endless Regen and Crash
109764 62017 Bug in bulk creation tool
109771 62016 Disable Front View Definition
109781 62029 IRONCAD 2017PU1 video does not use a graphics card NVIDIA
62112 Bulk Drawing Creation tool not handling external linked SM Parts properly
60894 Add assembly feature on the part,the dimension on the part is wrong.
62058 Regression – Dimensioning to the far side
59066 Add holelist on the view,change the depth of the hole,the symbol is lost.