2019 Product Update #1

Apr 10, 2019

As a continued effort to deliver the latest enhancements and improvements of our products, we have officially release our Product Update #1 to IronCAD DCS 2019 providing valuable improvements to the quality, new user enhancements and improvements in the usability of the application.

Access to the installation is available in the IronCAD Live Update that is installed with the IronCAD DCS 2019. If enabled, you will receive a notification of the new version and will be able to download and install from this utility. You can manually download the installation by “Check Updates” in the Live Update utility or from the links below following the provided installation notes.

Installation and Download Notes

  • Click the download link to begin your download. Once complete, run the IronCADDCS2019PU1x64Patch.exe to being the installation process.
  • The Patch installation can only install on the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2019, 2019 SP1, or 2019 SP1.1 and will update all products included with the Design Collaboration Suite (IRONCAD, INOVATE, IRONCAD DRAFT, and IRONCAD COMPOSE).
  • This Product Update cannot be uninstalled individually from the Add/Remove Programs in the control panel. To uninstall, you will need to remove the full IronCAD 2019 Product Update #1 version and reinstall the standard 2019. You can uninstall using the Uninstall IronCAD DCS in the Start-Programs-IronCAD menu.
  • Standalone IRONCAD COMPOSE has its own installation for Product Update #1. Uninstall the current version of the Standalone Compose and download/install the new installation from https://www.ironcad.com/design-collaboration-suite/ironcad-compose/.

Download Links

Operating System Download Link
Vista/7/8/10 64-bit Patch Install – IronCAD DCS 2019 PU1#1 – 64-bit
Vista/7/8/10 64-bit  Full Installation – IronCAD DCS 2019 PU1#1 – 64-bit


New Features for Product Update #1

Visit: https://www.ironcad.com/blog/whatsnew2019PU1/ 

Quality Issues Addressed for Product Update #1

Support ID QA ID Description
106626 64772 ICAPI – possibility to get and set formulas
107062 54542 TriBall loses position
108397 58908 IronCAD 2017 – IronCAD Drawings hyphen display glitch
108767 59862 CAXA Draft Freezing on operation
109116 60115 Calculate BOM quantity based on all columns
109358 60723 Unable to Add Prefix to Arc Length
109616 60115 Calculate BOM quantity based on all columns
110304 63233 Calculate total length of all curves in a cross section
110327 63309 Regression – Sweep Wizard creation, missing Guide Curve.
110524 63759 Specified Assembly Mass isn’t showing in the linked text property correctly (it’s showing calculated).
110816 63975 No item numbers in the bubbles in the section view.
111131 64363 Projection constraint loses place after updating
111200 64442 Can no longer drag and drop from catalogs after Customizing Ribbon bar.
111214 64459 TriBall Pattern Issue
111409 64595 Cannot enter operators from the Shift key.
111448 64616 TriBall Copy Multiple to wrong location
111462 64620 Parts disappear on cross section edit
111485 64641 Can’t we convert this solid to a sheet metal part
111486 64640 IC 6.0 ICD’s upon loading, Views are blank.
111497 64644 STEP file problems.
111503 64645 Text Property drop dialog displays off screen.
111507 64650 Sketch Constraint Dim should focus on value field on creation.
111549 64661 Cant unfold parts
111560 64669 Alternate Position View in Localization
111562 64670 Shaded with edges issue
111583 64673 Dimensions in the way of TriBall handles
111584 64674 Hole Callout Bug
111585 64675 Bulk Drawing Creation creates duplicate sheets when adding new sheets to the ICD.
111589 64681 Regression from 2018 – Front View Def missing check mark in right-click menu.
111590 64682 Part file name changing to lower case
111603 64688 Thread Feature doesn’t facet this part properly.
111605 64690 OnPostUpdate not being called when parameter is changed.
111618 64695 Cannot enter decimal point or comma in the Custom fields of STL output dialog, German Windows
111659 64709 Bulk Drawing Creation tool should not create drawings for linked parts, even if they are selected.
111668 64712 Regression – Overlapping UI for IntelliShape Shell
111677 64718 Sees no lines in Cross section
111680 64718 Sees no lines in Cross section
111689 64724 Regression – Sketch flips
111699 64732 Unfold issue with Parasolid.
111702 64734 Master Shape Positioning Causes TriBall to flicker on pattern features
111707 64748 CAXA 2019 SP1.1 – Multiline Block Attribute Values Not Displayed in DWG
111712 64741 Project constraint doesn’t update with blends
111718 64745 Can’t Extrude this imported Profile.
111732 64755 IRONCAD API C# samples not working
111744 64763 TriBall Pattern to point bug with equidistant option
111763 64770 Wrong symbols in hole callout
111766 64775 Sizebox doesn’t affect geometry.
111768 64776 Cannot Suppress/Unsuppress 3D Section on assembly when CoG is on.
111774 64781 Regression leader line angle bug
111784 64799 Extra edge in this Sheet Metal part
111796 64797 Distance is listed wrong when TriBall is white (detached) and measuring Edit Distance from point
111803 64803 Registering 3iICApiBase.dll and 3iICAPIDrawing.dll yields HRESULT ErrorCodes 0x80070716 and 0x80020009.
111809 64806 Swedish Windows Regional Settings but with period as decimal, then cannot sketch.
111830 64830 Extremely Slow to edit this part.
1 11837 64835 Regression – Sketch Pattern won’t allow you to select the Sketch.
111846 64843 Meshing fails for part that passes Analysis tool
111851 64847 Editing a sheet metal cross section crashes IronCAD
111853 64859 Keyboard shortcut lost when TriBall handle is selected.
111865 64869 User doesn’t get correct working dir after admin install
111867 64880 Regression – Print To PDF makes dimension lines run thru dimension text.
111869 64882 Takes way to long to Open this Scene file
111876 64909 Shortcuts are not properly showing in Ribbon Bar UI
111882 64770 Wrong symbols in hole callout
111883 64913 Can’t fully unfold this part in Parasolid.
111912 64936 Grid options in 2D sketch Apply buttons doesn’t work
111915 64937 Failed dimensions
111922 64946 Shift snap 3D TriBall regression
111934 64984 Regression – Cannot right-click to Export an Assembly.
111938 64987 Sizebox handles go missing.
14597 Changing kernel fails on file.
36821 TriBall orientation handle does not work correctly
40262 Can’t select Smooth Hidden Edges
43533 performance issue : move punch shape in attachment, very slow
46089 Can’t export a PK 25.1 .x_t file
46378 Open the ics file and IAE.
46381 when check “Improved UI Highlight on Standard Features,drag extrude handle ,the preview show wrong
50183 When rotating hole with TriBall around center point, associated parts are rotating and should not
50303 TriBall and sizebox handles are missing
53217 TriBall right-click menu is out of order. Edit Distance should be the top option on the menu.
58852 ICAPI:IZEDOTriballCallback’s OnPreTriballMove is called after element is moved
59536 TriBall not rotating to the entered angle
60254 TriBall Center Position Disconnect Bug
63880 Wrong custom hole count in the ICD.
64117 Can’t drag together 2 parts via Attachment Point Connector.
64350 Sizebox field stays visible in Edit Cross Section mode.
64492 Edit shrinkwrap, but do not display part
64493 Scale 2D sketch, the dimension line is changed
64529 Sizebox display remains on screen
64551 Arc Length Measurement huge on this part imported from Rhino
64632 Some AMD graphic is not detected correctly
64633 Regression: Save file fails if the file is open read-only in other process
64636 Regression – Project Constraint goes wrong on Pattern Edit
64642 Regression – Headless fasteners – Can’t make bolts and screws.
64646 Regression – Can’t place a Custom Hole Feature
64647 Regression – 2D Sketch Text is not visible
64652 Crash-Close on 2D Dimension placement
64659 No Preview images in the new Open dialog.
64664 Decimal places for smart measurement doesn’t follow decimal options settings.
64677 Section View and Detail View No Visible
64691 Regression – Wrong icons for Hidden and Suppressed parts.
64710 2D sketch dragging crash
64727 Regression – File Open dialog used to remember it’s file type filter between uses
64756 Regression – Cannot edit this 3D Curve inside a Structured Part.
64757 Sizebox field messed up
64771 Auto Switch order settings not remembered.
64793 Pattern Issue – The Feature is set to Extrude to Faces on both the forward and backward to two sets of faces for both
64798 Geometry highlight doesn’t appear on TriBall commands
64802 Multiple Assembly FVD’s – should only be 2
64815 Punch Bend – No selection prompt
64816 Punch Bend Edit forgets settings
64817 Can’t make a Punch Bend with gap
64818 Punch Bend – No regen on TriBall snap to midpoint of edge
64819 Bulk Drawing Creation – All Selected Linked parts are getting sheets
64823 Regression – No SmartDimension Quadrant points at first
64824 Regression – File Extension doesn’t change when changing file type to export. ICD export
64825 Regression – Cannot export to DWG – 0 byte file result.
64827 Sizebox field not re-highlighted blue when handle is re-selected.
64829 Regression – Multi-Handle Edit isn’t working.
64840 No Start or End Bend Line Offset on this Punch Bend.
64841 Unfold error in ACIS
64849 TriBall Activator button doesn’t work on Facet parts.
64857 Changes to Catalog browser, Property Browser width and ICD Home ribbon bar layout
64858 Bulk Drawing dialog Selection tools disappear when resizing the dialog.
64860 Edit distance from point does not work for feature and part
64870 BVC Tool – When choosing different drawing and icd exists, a warning message appears
64883 Export part,crash.
64898 SmartDimensions offset snapping upgrade.
64912 2D Constraint input issues.
64957 Parameter Edit Dialog Initializes to the wrong Place
64962 Parameter Edit Dialog Focus Bug
64988 2D Sketch with project constraint switch side