2022 Product Update #1 Service Pack #1

Jul 18, 2022

As a continued effort to deliver the latest enhancements and improvements to our products, we have officially released our Service Pack #1 to IronCAD DCS 2022 Product Update #1.

Access to the installation is available in the IronCAD Live Update that is installed with the IronCAD DCS 2022 (or 2022 Product Update #1). If enabled, you will receive a notification of the new version and will be able to download and install it from this utility. You can manually download the installation by “Check Updates” in the Live Update utility or from the links below following the provided installation notes.

Installation and Download Notes

  • Click the download link to begin your download. Once complete, run the IronCADDCS2022PU1SP1_DLM.exe or IronCADDCS2022PU1SP1_Patch_DLM.exe to being the installation process.
  • The Patch installation can only install on the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2022, or 2022 SP1, or 2022 PU1 and will update all products included with the Design Collaboration Suite (IRONCAD, INOVATE, IRONCAD DRAFT, and IRONCAD COMPOSE).
  • This Product Update cannot be uninstalled individually from the Add/Remove Programs in the control panel. To uninstall, you will need to remove the full IronCAD 2022 Product Update #1 Service Pack #1 version and reinstall the standard 2022. You can uninstall using the Uninstall IronCAD DCS in the Start-Programs-IronCAD menu.
  • Standalone IRONCAD COMPOSE has its own installation for Product Update #1 Sevice Pack #1. Uninstall the current version of the Standalone Compose and download/install the new installation from https://www.ironcad.com/design-collaboration-suite/ironcad-compose/.

Download Links

Operating System Download Link
Vista/7/8/10 64-bit Patch Install – IronCAD DCS 2022 PU1#1 SP#1 – 64-bit
Vista/7/8/10 64-bit  Full Installation – IronCAD DCS 2022 PU1#1 SP#1 – 64-bit

Quality Issues Addressed for Product Update #1 Service Pack #1

QA # Ticket ID Description
72391 10290 Handle internal link suppressed state used in a different configuration
73379 NA Parametric Cushion – Regeneration Problem via Parameter Table
73385 Na Too many dialog boxes appear related to scene activation and linked property activation when opening a drawing
73573 11027 BOM top level only question
73813 11243 Fix a boolean failure due to non-manifold error
73820 11272 “Scene Browser, Break or Keep Link” message crash IC
73828 11279 Drawing Creation Date not getting set.
73829 NA Incorrect strings appear on the Bloom rendering page for Shape combo-list
73833 11290 Can not add angular dimension to the detail view
73867 11317 Draft copy paste problem
73873 115531 “Penetrating Point constraints that reference these 3D Projected Curves are broken
73876 11317 Incorrect result when copy/paste dwg from CAXADraft or importing to 2D sketch
73880 115539 “Top-Level Only BOM’s, Expand to children if single assembly selected option not working”
73889 11336 “Changed for Dimension Text Crosses Dimension Line QA 73889”
73892 11342 Prevent dividing by zero during the update of the Reference Intersection
73930 NA Support export to SAB and SAT
73945 11428 Auto Quantity text string loses its association with the main BOM
73949 NA The update needs to deliver version 24 Fit Tolerance xml files
73965 Na ICCompose is difficult to select vertex pont
73967 11461 View Style Crashing
73978 NA TriBall Activator not showing up for a part.
NA NA RegenSMStockInCatalog reg key to allow regenerate of sheet metal catalogs without breaking SM Stock.
NA 11293 No Post Drop event after Replacing profile with ctrl key
NA NA Support Assembly Level UDA and Fix missing Part UDA when importing  Assembly files
NA 11261 Use Part Colors for Edges to dwg