2016 Product Update #1 Service Pack #1

Sep 16, 2016

IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2016 Product Update #1 Service Pack #1

As a continued effort to deliver the latest enhancements and improvements of our products, we have officially released our service pack #1 for 2016 product update #1 providing valuable improvements to the quality and usability of the application.

Access to the installation is available in the IronCAD Live Update that is installed with the IronCAD 2016 DCS. If enabled, you will receive a notification of the new version and will be able to download and install from this utility. You can manually download the installation from the links below following the provided installation notes.

Note: This update will contain issues addressed in Service Pack #1, #2, #3, #4, and PU1 (To view the details of SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4 or PU4 visit this page.

Installation and Download Notes:

  • Click the appropriate download link for the installation package that is designed for your current operating system. Installing the incorrect installation may result in installation issues.
  • This installation can only install on the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2016, 2016 SP #1, 2016 SP #2, SP #3, SP #4 or PU1 and will update all products included with the Design Collaboration Suite (IRONCAD, INOVATE, IRONCAD DRAFT, and IRONCAD COMPOSE).
  • This Product Update can be uninstalled individually from the Add/Remove Programs in the control panel.

Download Links:

IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2016 Product Update #1 Service Pack #1
Operating System Download Link
Vista/7/8/10 32-bit IronCAD DCS 2016 PU1SP1 – 32-bit
Vista/7/8/10 64-bit IronCAD DCS 2016 PU1SP1 – 64-bit


Issues Addressed in 2016 Product Update #1 Service Pack #1:

Incident ID#:  QA ID#: Description
106929 54451 IC2016 PU1 crashes on “Find in Scene Browser”
54347,54348 One time add multiple four-distances-chamfer,the result is wrong
106930 54452 Do not use QuickCancelForEdit for Innovative Parts
106965 54468 Auto-Constraint option does not work.
106985 54481 Acis side failure for this case.
106142 52889 Put_MassDenisity not working for sheet metal part
107144 54637 Part quantity in BOM zero for external linked part when BOM uses closed config
107087 54567 Parts missing from BOM in external linked files
107220 54805 Missing update on AsmFeat Part with DV
106903 54364 Step File import name is incorrect for STEP files from SW:  Fix both To ACIS/PK issue.
54807 Crash regression generated by fixing QA54347 QA54348
54881 Change hide selected behavior for triball-pattern source (Do not hide pattern node when using hide unselected.
54941 Parameters lost when using InsertEntry to drop catalog items into scene.
107313 54970 Assembly feature does not update.