Improving Manufacturing Quality with CAD


Alaris Medical, an international company that makes intravenous infusion therapy products, faced significant communication problems due to its reliance on a multi-lingual manufacturing workforce that speaks a dozen languages. To solve this issue, it proposed creating a Web-based, interactive system of manufacturing instructions and needed a CAD system that would support this initiative.


The IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite was chosen as the primary tool for implementation because of its communication features and integrations. “We evaluated several programs using a range of criteria, and chose IronCAD because of its integrated animation and rendering capabilities and wide range of 3D import/export filters,” says Matt Gouthier, Senior R&D Engineer at Alaris.

The IronCAD Design Collaboration Suiteā€™s ability to read and export any standard CAD file, coupled with its simplified data management and powerful design extensions allowed Alaris to maximize the value of its 3D CAD data, leveraging existing information to create animations and images that clearly communicate manufacturing processes, thereby eliminating the language dependencies of text-based instructions.

With this new, language-agnostic approach to assembly, Alaris continues to reduce quality problems, as well as training times and cost.


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