Creating the Winning Part Design


In a bid for a contract from Oakridge National Laboratories, the Multiple Discipline Technology Group (MDTG) had one week to design parts for a particle accelerator. Two complete designs were needed for the presentation.


By using the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite, MDTG engineers were able to import the geometry saved in the standard file formats provided by Oakridge National Laboratories without losing any accuracy.

This allowed MDTG engineers to spend less time re-creating existing geometry and more time designing new parts. “The ability to import geometry is great, but IronCAD’s added ability to directly modify non-native geometry cuts down design time immensely because less components have to be re-created,” says Shannon McCall, President and Principle Engineer at MDTG.

“Submitting two designs was only possible because of IronCAD’s rapid conceptual design capabilities. Creating those two designs in the time MDTG was given won us the contract,” continues McCall.


Contract with Oakridge National Labs awarded