Iterating at Speeds That Match Customer Requests


Like all fixture and toolmakers, GRW Produkter AB needed to be able to modify designs to meet customer needs on a constant basis. GRW’s existing design platform — a combination of Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD — was not flexible enough to accommodate customers’ iterative requests, so GRW sought a more flexible 3D design software.


The IronCAD Design Collaboration Suites Innovative Design approach instantly appealed to GRW engineers and quickly increased their productivity when they made the switch from their existing system.

The main features they benefited from were:

  • Ease of Use. IRONCAD’s ability to work with or without history and make direct geometry edits gave engineers at GRW the ability to quickly and easily make modifications to their existing designs to meet the needs of customers.
  • Single-Scene Design Environment. GRW engineers were able to have as many parts as they desired within a single file, making data management a non-issue.
  • Catalog-Based Design. The Design Collaboration Suite’s ability to store features, parts and assemblies in catalogs allowed GRW engineers to create new designs at customer locations by simply dragging and dropping components from catalogs into the scene, rapidly building new designs on the spot.


50% more productive than Autodesk Inventor