The Boolean command can combine, subtract, or create an intersection of selected bodies.

  1. Select the Boolean command.
  2. Select the bodies to be added, subracted, or intersected.
  3. Select the shelling type and thickness.
  4. Select ok (green checkmark) to finish the command.


Boolean Feature

In addition to applying a Part-to-Part boolean operation, Structured Parts support boolean of bodies. This allows the ability to create multiple bodies under a part (such as surface and solid bodies) that later can be combined to generate a final result.  


See Boolean Operation on Parts.

To Create a Boolean Body Feature

  1. Select a Structured Part in the scene.
  2. Right-click and select "Set as Active".
  3. Select the Boolean Command from the Feature Fluent Ribbon Bar.
  4. Select the desired type of boolean operation.
  5. Select the main body that will be affected by the operation.
  6. Select the body to use in the boolean operation.
  7. Select Ok to complete the command.

To edit the boolean feature, right-click on the boolean feature in the scene browser and select Edit Feature Definition.