SYNERGY Configurator

Configure 3D products with intelligent drag and drop products, produce real-time quotes, and securely share configured products with engineering design teams to speed up production.

SYNERGY Configurator

Collaborate to Deliver the Right Products the First Time

Configuration Anywhere Anytime

IronCAD’s SYNERGY Configurator allows users to remotely configure 3D Products over the cloud in a browser on any device. Simple Drag & Drop design with intelligent connections makes configuring products a snap. Share configured products with teams and customers to design the right part the first time. 

Configure, Price & Collaboration

Inside SYNERGY Configurator, users can easily present pricing information to customers from the configured 3D products. Using SYNERGY Platform, catalogs of your configurable 3D products are uploaded and shared in the configurator. Design products with customers, gather feedback and share the configured products back to the design team to dynamically connect to the real design data to enhance the design-to-production process. 

Connect to Design Teams with Real Data

SYNERGY Configurator allows sales teams to securely share and configure 3D Design data in a lightweight format. Once a product is configured, the data can be sent to IronCAD Products to automatically load the real design data in the configured product state allowing design teams to quickly finalize the products, automatically created product drawings, and move the product to production faster than ever before.