Store, version, and control access to IronCAD and other data in a secure and dependable cloud-based vault platform.


Engineering Data Management Accessible Anywhere

Accessible Anywhere and Dependable File Storage

SYNERGY Vault is built on the Amazon Web Services cloud and accessible anywhere on any device for remote collaboration. It offers up to 10GB of free secure cloud-based data storage for IronCAD Supported Customers where users are able to view, control access, and manage IronCAD files as well as many other types of files. With IronCAD files, all 3D scene external file associations and the associated drawings associations are maintained with SYNERGY Vault for streamlined file management. 

Controlled Check In & Check Out Procedure

In regards to file management, security is top priority. SYNERGY Vault is a secure file management tool that offers a guarded way for users to check-in and check-out from their file vault from within IronCAD and from the browser, as well as manage who can access and release files.

Cloud-Based Viewer

Within IronCAD’s SYNERGY Vault, users are able to view IronCAD files using a cloud-based viewer that is accessible on any device. Share your designs throughout your team or with customers to extend your collaboration.