About IronCAD

Innovation and Productivity

IronCAD was founded in March 2001 with the aim of developing user-focused 3D design software to improve productivity and help designers and engineers achieve success in their respective fields. Since then, we’ve created numerous 3D modeling tools that have forged new directions for engineering design software.

Efficiency and Collaboration

Winner of numerous industry awards, the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite is an intuitive 3D design productivity solution that empowers users, increases efficiency, and extends 3D collaboration throughout the enterprise. IronCAD engineering design software products are designed to be used standalone, to complement an existing design environment, and with one another to facilitate cross-department collaboration.

International Adoption

Based in Atlanta, Ga., IronCAD’s administrative and product-development teams are supported by an international network of resellers that handle sales and marketing on a local level in their respective territories. To date, IronCAD has hundreds of thousands of licensed users around the world.