Unlimited Configuration Capabilities

Engage with your customers and allow them to configure the right product the first time and deliver products faster than ever! Dynamically visualize and configure complex products, quote, and connect directly to R&D to manufacture instantly. Now is the time to give your customers the power to design and purchase products they expect in order to get ahead of your competition.

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Configuration Options Today

With the endless amounts of configurator solutions on the market, you’d be surprised to know that most are unable to deliver customizable solutions. Customers are investing heavily in consulting only to find out that they need more consulting for variations of their products, therefore creating an endless cycle of investment.

Not only is the investment an important factor, but companies are finding that configurations of the product end up disconnected from the engineering and manufacturing groups. Time is spent re-designing configurations with design tools that can then be put in place for manufacturing and delivery.

IronCAD Configuration Solutions using the Synergy Platform, solve these struggles and offers a complete platform on the cloud to collaborate, configure, and share data between engineers, sales, and customers in a seamless environment.


Customer Story - Robotunits

Robotunits is a global manufacturer of Modular Automation Systems for production equipment. The product design strictly follows the Lean Manufacturing concept, which stands for multifunctional and smart component design to reduce time and cost in all areas of your organization.

Who Needs Configuration?

Imagine if you can reuse the 3D visual data from your engineering group in a secure manner in a single platform to allow customers and suppliers to configure endless possibilities of your products following rules already defined in engineering. 

Once a configuration is created, give the customer a quote of the products for cost estimation. Share the lightweight, secure configurations back to R&D within the Synergy Platform and automatically connect to the real design data placed correctly as defined in the configuration.

Company’s benefiting from Configuration

  • Industrial Machinery Manufactures
  • Warehouse Design and Layout
  • Furniture and Furniture Layout Manufactures
  • Factory Automation and Robotics
  • Shelving, Racking and Storage Systems
  • Shopfitting and Office Layout
  • Exhibition Stand Manufacturers
  • Custom Yacht and Boat Builders

Customer Story - Van Keulen Interieurbouw

The retail sector is bustling with activity as never before. The digital revolution is having major consequences. Traditional retail chains are struggling to survive in the online world. Old concepts are disappearing and new formulas are being trialed and tested. Change is the norm in this dynamic market. Van Keulen Interieurbouw supports its clients with effective, rapid and customized interior solutions.

Customer Story - Nefab

Nefab provides custom packaging solutions for companies in the telecom, energy, vehicle, healthcare, and aerospace industries that ship oversized products. Using IronCAD’s Solutions, Nefab is able to drag and drop packaging designs around 3D customers’ products, configuring the perfect custom packaging every time. Not only are the designs always right, they now take hours to create — rather than weeks! 

Machine Design Webinar - Create Competitive Solutions in Hours or Days, Not Weeks

Watch our latest webinar and discover the new tools in 3D configuration technology that allow designers and sales support engineers the ability to configure, price & collaborate with teams and customers anywhere at any time.

What ROI are Customer's Achieving

With the dynamic configuration solutions and the Synergy Collaboration Platform, customers see vast returns on investment in sales, production, and the overall sales cycle. These savings and process improvements increase customer satisfaction and improved business. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and how they can benefit your process.


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