Collaborative 3D Modeling Software

Leverage CAD collaboration across the enterprise with IronCAD’s 3D and 2D CAD software.


Free CAD Collaboration Software for Everyone

3D & 2D CAD Collaboration

IRONCAD COMPOSE is a free laptop and desktop PC CAD collaboration software that allows sales and engineering teams to view 3D & 2D, examine, print, and comment on designs and engineering data generated from any major 3D CAD system and native IronCAD data. Use IRONCAD COMPOSE to leverage 3D content and manipulate models and assemblies in real-time, dramatically reducing time to market.

Actual, Active Collaboration

Much more than just a CAD viewer, IRONCAD COMPOSE is a powerful CAD collaboration software that brings non-engineer stakeholders, such as salespeople and customers, actively into the design process, allowing them to read CAD data, interrogate geometry, add commentary, build new assemblies, and create renderings and animations — all in real-time.

Real-Time Modular Design

If equipped with an IRONCAD parts catalog, IRONCAD COMPOSE Configurator (an add-on to COMPOSE) can be used by salespeople to create designs from modular components at the point of sale. IRONCAD COMPOSE Configurator preserves engineering data, allowing sales to share designs directly with engineering to speed up design-to-production timelines and, if the catalog includes properties such as price and weight, generate a Bill of Materials (BOM) on the spot. Note: IRONCAD COMPOSE Configurator is an additional cost.