The IronCAD Educational Program

IronCAD is committed to helping students learn 3D design and partners with educational institutions worldwide to bring the power of its intuitive 3D modeling software into each and every classroom.

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CAD for Students & Instructors Who Want a Competitive Advantage

The simplest CAD for students on the market, IRONCAD features unparalleled ease of use that makes it is extraordinarily easy to teach and learn. Moreover, features such as drag-and drop design, fast creation of complex assemblies, and easy positioning of components give budding designers a professional leg up by letting them design 50–75% faster compared to other CAD systems.


Free for Students that can learn IronCAD in just a few days, freeing them to explore designs and concentrate on engineering fundamentals.

Faculty & Staff

IronCAD’s intuitive 3D modeling software lets you focus on teaching design principles, rather than a CAD package.

Educational Institutions

Adopted worldwide, IronCAD has a large user community, providing students with career paths in many industries.