IronCAD Support

The IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite is designed to provide engineers with powerful CAD tools that will make them more productive and facilitate seamless collaboration. To support this mission, IronCAD provides best-in-class CAD support so its customers can maximize the potential of its design software.

We’re always happy to help and invite feedback to improve future releases of the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite.

If you need CAD help, contact us:

1-800-339-7532 (U.S.)
1-678-202-8355 (International)


If you need license extension or home license support, visit License Extension Request.

Support Plans

IronCAD offers two paid support plans — Armor Advantage and Subscription — that can be purchased with a software license. They run for 12 months and include all product updates during that period.

As part of these support plans, uses have access to IronCAD’s active online forum where IronCAD team members and experienced users offer solutions for common questions and provide tips for getting the most out of IronCAD design software.

Armor Advantage

Comprehensive program that includes telephone support and screen-sharing when required.


Receive all product updates and access to experts via the IronCAD Community forum.

IronCAD Community

Support plan members, access the IronCAD Community to get tips and troubleshooting from IronCAD staff and users.