Sheet Metal Software

A CAD program equipped with a suite of sheet metal-specific tools, IRONCAD acts as a powerful sheet metal software. Design in 3D and then unfold a part or assembly into 2D for production, or work in 2D and use IRONCAD’s 3D visualization capabilities to communicate better with customers.

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Solutions for Sheet Metal Designers

IRONCAD’s ability to move freely between 3D and 2D CAD makes it perfect sheet metal software. Plus, its intuitive interface is easy to grasp and it comes preloaded with a time-saving catalog of sheet metal parts, such as standard fasters.

Sheet Metal Tools

IRONCAD comes equipped with a catalog of sheet metal parts that can be dragged and dropped into any sheet metal design.

Unrivaled Compatibility

Read and write multiple file types so you can collaborate with engineers who use other 3D or 2D CAD programs.

Quick Learning Curve

Designed to mirror how we intuitively interact with the physical world, IRONCAD can be mastered in just a few days.