Tooling Design Software

Tooling design software needs to be engineered to keep up with rapid, time-sensitive changes. IRONCAD’s ability to seamlessly mix direct and history-based design, coupled with its time-saving features, makes it ideal CAD software for tooling engineers.

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Solutions for Tooling Designers

IRONCAD’s pre-loaded catalogs of shapes can be used to kickstart tooling design. And its ability to seamlessly mix direct and history-based modeling — regardless of how a model was constructed — makes it easy to manage changes throughout the tooling design process.

Innovative Modeling

Freely mix direct and history-based editing throughout the design process regardless of how a model was constructed.

Minimal Data Management

Use IRONCAD’s unified design scene to create parts and assemblies in a single file. No external links for simplified data management.

Time-Saving Catalogs

IRONCAD’s numerous pre-made catalogs of standard shapes and parts can be used to expedite the tooling design process.