Licensing and Activation

IronCAD offers a number of different ways to license its software. Download a free trial and then apply for a permanent license or extend the trial for further evaluation. Or, use our dongle system to install IronCAD on a server and share a license with multiple users across your network.

Follow the appropriate links to turn your trial license into a permanent license, extend your test period, or learn how to manage dongle licenses.

Activate Licenses

If you’ve installed a trial version of IronCAD software on your device and would like to update it with a purchased license, follow this link to learn how to activate your permanent license.

Extend Licenses

In certain cases, we’ll extend trial and not-for-resale licenses for IronCAD products, or grant an additional home license for a work-related purchase. Tap to apply for any of these special uses.

Server Installations

If you’re using an IronCAD dongle to manage software installation on a server, multiple devices, or a single device, you can access instructions and any updates you may need by clicking through here.