Modular Design Software

IronCAD is built to perform as a modular design software when equipped with a catalog of CAD content. Build CAD models — or load existing CAD models — in IRONCAD, save them to catalogs, and then use these catalogs to build custom assemblies by simply dragging and dropping parts into the design scene.

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Solutions for Modular Product Designers

IRONCAD’s single-scene environment, coupled with its smart CAD content — catalogs of parts that simply snap together — empowers anyone using IRONCAD or IRONCAD COMPOSE to make viable designs using predefined modular parts.

Custom Part Catalogs

Create catalogs of smart CAD parts and assemblies that can be shared among IRONCAD users for modular product design.

Minimal Data Management

Build modular designs from predefined parts in IRONCAD’s single-scene environment without any links or multiple files.

Sales Extension Tools

Have sales use IRONCAD COMPOSE in the field to design modular systems in real time and generate BOMs on the spot.