Designing Automation Solutions & Robotics

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MARAB Automation Solutions

Robotic automation can streamline the most monotonous and dangerous of tasks. But to achieve the most optimal automation solutions, customers need to get support and information from an experienced provider.

Furthermore, it’s important to know the cost of ownership and return on investment before beginning any automation project. Mora Automation and Roboteknik AB (MARAB) has been creating automation solutions for diverse industrial clients since 1999 and delivers this and much more to its customers.

How IRONCAD Supports Automation Solutions

“To create our diverse automation solutions, we use IRONCAD for all our design work. The program can be used for everything from first layout and customer dialogue to the final detailed drawings.” explained Matilda Bastman of MARAB. “We have used IRONCAD for years and it has worked really well. Our projects usually start with a plant layout which is the starting point to help customers visualize our solution.

“Sometimes, we only get a 2D sketch that describes the existing production layout. We then convert this into a reference 3D environment in IRONCAD. Once in 3D, we drag and drop previously created robot cells from IRONCAD’s highly efficient catalogue. With IRONCAD technology, we’re able to give the customer a clear picture of their customized MARAB solution. And another important feature is that we can easily change a proposal to quickly adapt to new customer requirements.”

MARAB excels at providing mechanical excellence for its new product line of standardized robot cells. CNC machine productivity demands fast part changers and MARAB robot cells are perfect for the task. The robot visually checks the internal cell environment with an advanced vision system to identify part orientation. The parts can be selected from a pallet or from a conveyor. The MARAB system allows the robot to identify all the details autonomously which enables unattended machining for long periods of time.

To assist with handling diverse manufacturing parts, MARAB has developed an elaborate special gripper mechanism comprised of two sets of three-back grippers. These grippers are designed with great accuracy, and can be customized for specific customer requirements. Industry standard Fanuc robots can merge their control systems with MARAB solutions.

One MARAB robot solution called Q-Cells has the robot system that completely vacates the machining area to permit free access to the machine. The robot system is mounted on rails which makes service and maintenance much easier. IRONCAD was instrumental in helping to visualize and create these highly efficient manufacturing systems.

Expediting the Design of Automation Solutions

Matilda Bastman of MARAB explained further: “A major advantage of IRONCAD is that when we have a solution that the customer wants, we use IRONCAD to produce the finished layout elements, make detailed plans on manufactured products and even produce spare parts lists to the customer on the finished installation. For marketing and brochure material, it is easy to create sharp rendered images with the integrated rendering package KeyShot.

IRONCAD can import components from all major CAD vendors so it’s easy to use pre-manufactured parts from our suppliers that we then build into our systems. We can design with these third-party components as if they were created in our own system. IRONCAD gives us the efficient design workflow that has helped us grow our business in the past and will help us grow into the future.”