IronCAD Unveils Cutting-Edge Design Software Update, IronCAD 2024 Boasts Exciting Features and Enhancements

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(ATLANTA, Ga.) December 20th, 2023IronCAD, a trailblazer in the world of design and innovation of MCAD software solutions, proudly announces the much-anticipated release of IronCAD 2024. This latest version showcases a myriad of new features and enhancements meticulously crafted to elevate key functionalities, streamline the design process, and deliver an unparalleled user experience. These improvements continue to solidify IronCAD’s leadership as a productivity leader in MCAD design for machinery and fabrication design applications. Users will immediately feel the impact of IronCAD 2024 innovations that provide more powerful capabilities to design faster and smarter.

Key Focus Areas for IronCAD 2024:

This year’s development efforts have centered around fortifying IronCAD’s fundamental design capabilities that distinguish IronCAD as a versatile and productive CAD Solution in machinery and fabrication industries. The primary focus areas include:

  1. Bulk View Creation & Common Component Process (Automated Drawing Processes): IronCAD 2024 introduces advancements in the automation of the drawing creation process, empowering users with unprecedented efficiency.
  1. 3D Design Environment Including Innovative and Structured Design: Extending IronCAD flexibility and versatility, 2024 marks a significant step forward with key functionalities in the core design process that make IronCAD more productive in MCAD Design.
  1. Large Assembly Capabilities and Ease of Use: IronCAD 2024 prioritizes enhanced performance for large assemblies in both 3D and 2D environments, ensuring a user-friendly and interactive design experience.
  1. Enhanced 2D Mechanical Detailed Design Environment: Vast improvements in the mechanical detailing environment improve efficiency in producing production-level drawings.
  1. Import/Export Additional Formats: Expanded import/export capabilities broaden compatibility with both MCAD and BIM applications, allowing users to work with a wider range of file formats effortlessly.

Key Detailed Features of IronCAD 2024 Supporting the Focus Area
IronCAD 2024 introduces numerous innovative features that are tailored solutions to meet specific customer needs. A few of the key features include:

  1. 3D Design Environment Including Innovative and Structured Design
    • Link Part Tool (for Existing Scenes and Drag & Drop Actions from Catalog)
    • Support for External Links Using Different Configurations in the Same Scene
    • Copy as Linked Body Support (More Access Support on TriBall)
    • Replace Feature from Catalog (Extension of Replace Part/Assembly/Sketch)
    • Rotational/Display Performance (H-Dynamic Assist)
    • Structure Part Body Properties Access
    • Structure Part Body Property BOM and Bodies Included for BOM Settings
    • Enhanced Structural Steel Weldments for Gussets and End Caps
    • Top-Down Skeleton Design Approach Improvements
    • Assembly Pattern Tool with Associative Edge/Face References
  2. Sheet Metal Modeling Improvements
    • Unfold Part Remember to Add Stock to Account for Extra Material in Manufacturing
    • Solid to Sheet Metal Support Miter with Cut Sketch and Rip Edges
    •  Rapid Sheet Metal Quotation Tool
  3. Drawing Functionality: Improved drawing capabilities enhance precision and creativity in design.
    • Controls for Automatically Setting Assemblies, Parts, and Features to Specific Layers and Line Types
    • Ability to Individually Shaded Selected Parts in Drawing Views
    • Projection View Standard View Types
    • Alignment Options for Break Lines Ends in Broken Views
    • Improved DWG/DXF Export Settings
  4. CAXA DRAFT 2D Mechanical CAD Drawing Improvements
    • Create Drawing from Selected 3D Part/Assemble using CAXA DRAFT
    • Section View Depth Setting Added to CAXA Draft
    • Multi-Frame/Paper Drawing Support
    • New Grouping Command to Group/Ungroup Selected Elements
  5. Collaboration in Import/Export, Viewing, Rendering, and Design Sharing
    • IronCAD Native Translator, support for the latest MCAD file type versions
    • New IronCAD Native Translator for BIM (Coming Q1 2024)
    • KeyShot for IronCAD Realistic Rendering Improvements
    • Search for Commands Expanded Search to Help System and Related Topics
    • Synergy Collaboration Platform Improvements in External Collaboration

As a core principle, IronCAD is dedicated to delivering superior user experiences, where we prioritize quality improvements and robust quality assurance (QA) processes. IronCAD 2024 has built upon this principle, dedicating hundreds of hours to testing and quality improvements.

For a more extensive list of IronCAD 2024 enhancements, visit

“IronCAD 2024 boasts a major step forward in productivity, flexibility, and versatility in mechanical CAD design,” said Cary O’Connor, Vice President of Marketing at IronCAD. “These targeted new features are specifically added to enhance usability and productivity for users in mechanical machinery manufacturing and design, metal fabrication design, assembly layout/design, modular design, packaging design, and even furniture design markets. IronCAD’s unique design process enables wide usage across these markets and offers users powerful tools for innovation and parametric design, making them more competitive in bespoke design creation.”

IronCAD 2024 is now available to revolutionize the design landscape, empowering users with an unmatched blend of functionality, efficiency, and innovation. For more information and access to the IronCAD 2024, visit


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